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When the blog started a few months ago, I encouraged everyone to use it as a place to have conversations about the current and important topics in emergency management.

Since my first blog, we've featured posts from leaders within FEMA, as well as insights from other members across the emergency management team.  Now with the spring season upon us, which has already brought flooding, wildfires and tornadoes, I wanted to jump back into the blogosphere and give another opportunity for you to directly ask me some ask questions.

So what would you like to know - either about FEMA or emergency management in general?

You can leave your question on the blog, or send it via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.  I'll provide video answers to some of the questions next week.  For those I can't get to myself, look for future blog posts from other FEMA leadership if the question falls within their area.

I'm looking forward to keeping the conversation going.

- Craig

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06/16/2012 - 16:45


Yes, I have a question - what exactly do you plan on using your FEMA Concentration Camps for? Also, if they are NOT Concentration Camps, WHY then do they have barbed wire pointing INWARD along the top of the fence you have surrounding them??

I have had flood insurance at my home since 1995. I rec'd a letter from State Farm that I would get my next renewal from NFIP but I never did. My insurance just expired. I have been trying to get renewal since Feb but agents say I need a certificate of elevation from a land surveyor. I did this originally when I bought my house and it is an expense I don't have right now. Why do I have to do it again? I can't get it from State Farm. It's bad enough that the insurance had quadrupled. I live in a flood zone that has never ever ever flooded. It is really depressing and upsetting.

Is there any company or place where ready-filled G0-bags are available for purchase with essentials, where people could just add their personal med,documents, etc......

I'm just finishing my EMGT courses in MN. I have 30+ years with the American Red Cross, 19 of which has been in National Disaster Services. How do I go about finding an internship with FEMA?<br />

Hello, sir. I am a student pursuing my Master’s degree in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University. I was lucky enough to be selected for an emergency management student pilot program with the US Army Corps of Engineers to gain valuable work experience while going to school. However, there are many of us up-and-coming and determined students, eager to gain experience in the field of emergency management. With the array of services and programs that FEMA has to offer from preparedness initiatives and training, to disaster response, do you see an emergency management student/work program specific to EM students being implemented within the organization any time soon? We are all devoting our studies and careers to helping our nation prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, and are currently grouped with students pursuing all sorts of degrees while looking for emergency management experience opportunities. Thank you.

How has FEMA changed since Katrina?

Could you tell us how important the National Incident Management System is and why should businesses be NIMS compliant?

Any truth to the youtube rumor that FEMA has spent a billion dollars on dehydrated food because of increased terrorist theats?

When will FEMA get it's lines of business aligned? Also, your external affairs shop is so afraid of you that if you mention that you like the color green, they will rebrand the site. Seriously, can you reach down and bring sanity to the institutional madness?

No National Situation Reports since 3/8/2011. Can someone check on this please. This is a great resource for the public. It would be nice to have them on weekends too, especially when there is severe weather across the nation.

The latest Homeland Security Grant Program (FY2010) limited the allowable Management & Administration allocation to 5% of the total grant award. Most Federal grants allow M&A of 20% to 25%. How do we get the HSGP M&A raised to a more reasonable level, say 20%? Thanks.<br /><br />Joseph Guzzardi, CEM<br />County Executive Office<br />Office of Emergency Services<br />105 East Anapamu Street, Suite 3<br />Santa Barbara, CA 93101<br />(805) 560-1083<br />(805) 560-1032 (fax)<br />(805) 896-6373 (cell)<br />

I am about to graduate from JSU with my Masters in EM. I have been in retail for 24 years and am having a tough time getting my foot in the door because of a lack of EM experience. Plus I'm having a hard time finding EM jobs advertised. Do you have any suggestions that might help me out? Thanks for the help and cudos for creating this blog, great idea!<br /><br />Danny

I've Been Trying To Look For The List Of The Ready Kit. Can You Possibly Give Me The List Of Everything I Need To Be Ready?!

Hey gang. Yesterday an unknown number of MOX (Pu and U) fuel rods were set on fire at Fukushima for an unknown period of time. Purportedly, the "fire" was extinguished, but the cooling pool was left; 'in a boiling state.' Does burning plutonium and uranium in Japan have any long term health affects for the USA (Northern Hemisphere)?

I think the Administrator needs to study up on earthquake hazards. Comments made on the Piers Morgan CNN program indicate that he has little idea of where earthquake hazards are in the US. His comments included New Madrid, and Charleston and emphasized places where little preparation existed. However, the real risk is not in these low probability places, it's in California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, where plate boundary faults present constant near term hazards. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts. <br /><br />Chris Goldfinger<br />Subduction zone geologist<br />

Hi! I would like to ask about the so called "Triangle of Life" for earthquake situations. Several emails have circulated saying that traditional safety areas like under a table or stay in bed or stay near an inner wall is not correct. Rather, it is safer to stay beside big furniture like a couch or a bed because when things fall, there are pockets or triangles created where it is safer to stay. Is this true?

I am part of a Swift water/Flood rescue team that was created from the devastating flooding that occured during Hurricane Katrina. Our Director has been a SME in Water Rescue for over 10 years and has trained many individuals throughout the State. Since the formation of this team it has been our efforts to work with the State and assist in any water related event. We have attempted to present a Public-Private Partnership with several organization within GOHSEP (LDWF thru State Fire Marshal Office) to no avail. We used the templates with the FEMA PPP site, and still seem to not be able to get one implemented. Can you give us some insight as to what we can do? We even have individuals who have employeers willing to allow them to help and those on the team only ask to be compensated for their time away. Many of the public agencies have requested us and asked if we were involved in water related events now and in the past. We truly want to be there, use our skilled training and knowledge, and assist others to save lives. What direction or guidance can you give us either with the pursuit of a PPP with the State, Region, or local officials or another avenue of approach.<br /><br />Keith<br />Water Rescue Specialist<br />

@ Keith - for information on working with FEMA, visit /privatesector/industry/about.shtm

I see comments and questions here but where are the answers?<br />Harry G

I have had flood insurance for many years (voluntarily). I received a letter from State Farm telling me that I have been zoned AE since 2007 and requested I get an Elevation Certification to determine my flood insurance premium for my annual renewing policy. My house is the only house drawn in this AE zone. Not my neighbor beside me, not my neighbor behind me or my neighbor across the street. Why is all this changing now if I have been in an AE zone since 2007?

I have a question about Elevation Certificates. I have paid flood insurance for 36 years, never had a drop of water in the basement. I was told that I could have a Elevation Survey done which could possibly eliminate the need for flood insurance. The survey shows that I am to high to flood but in order to put it on my MLS listing I need a "Elevation Certificate" from FEMA. The certificate would show that either I am not in danger of flooding or at a very low risk and at the very least lower the flood insurance. The problem is that it's been 6 months and I have not received any acknowledgement from FEMA that they received the surveyors packet. (he has mailed the packet 3 times so far). I tried emails and phone calls to FEMA all without success. Any ideas on why it is taking so long or what else I can do to track it?

I have misplaced the Business Reply Envelope in which to return our "Acknowledgement of Receipt" form. The information clearly states that "Documents enclosed in private/non-business envelopes will not be received, recorded, or filed by FEMA." I need a replacement but have no idea how to go about procuring one.

I have filled out these elevation certificate forms for years. Why is it not possible to find out now where to mail them to FEMA, you know an address? Can I submit them by email? Is there a fee?

How do I get a receipt for a customer showing her flood ins is paid in full? She is doing a refinance and this is the last thing we need.

I have misplaced the Business Reply Envelope in which to return our "Acknowledgement of Receipt" form. The information clearly states that "Documents enclosed in private/non-business envelopes will not be received, recorded, or filed by FEMA." I need a replacement but have no idea how to go about procuring one.

If I been flood before and had no flood insurance and got assistance from fema do I have to get flood insurance or if I flood again can I use fema again

Do you really believe that they would do that. The U.S is not nazis.

I have the same problem. DId you ever get an answer?

Do any of the questions get a response? Don't see any.

I am James' wife and have misplaced the return envelope for the Acknowledgement of Receipt form. Of course, the documents states will not be recorded with that envelope. What do I do? Please let me know asap.

Let me know how to mail in the acknowledgement of receipt form. I am James' wife asking this.

I have yet to receive a useful alert. I get Amber alerts to watch out for certain cars. I don't drive. I get flood alerts. My home is situated elevated 200' above any possible flood zone and I don't live in a flood zone. I get sand-storm alerts for sand-storms that NEVER materialize. Not a single alert has been even vaguely useful, and every device connected to the outside world makes lots of noise, a few seconds apart from each other through the whole house. The emergency alert system is a noble idea, but has remained entirely worthless for me in practice. The ONLY alert I'd be interested in would be earthquakes, and if you can tell me that FEMA will predict and alert on earthquakes, I'll put up with the rest. Barring that, how do I opt out?

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