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How Might You Use Social Media In An Emergency?

Social media is a hot topic in emergency management these days. Using social media can provide response agencies a way to disseminate vital information directly to the public, and it can also serve as a way for survivors to communicate with family/friends after a disaster.

So how might you use social media during an emergency? Check out this graphic from and let us know.

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for sure!

A great idea as so many people have the social media network at their fingertips every day! Now with internet access on phones being much improved it is probably the quickest way to diseminate important and emergency info to the masses.

Many of our clients use social media, in addition to our mass notification service, to communicate with stakeholders during urgent situations. I think it demonstrates the power social media has an effective communication tool in today’s digitally connected world. We’ve documented a number of instances of how some of our government [//], university and K-12 school clients are using social media to communicate with residents, students and staff on our blog.

I'm seeing requests to stop using #SMEM <br /><@SoutholdVOICE: @safeinchch info directly abt quake response (accom avail, contact, etc) should not be tagging with #SMEM, but use quake tag. Thx><br />#EQNZ #CHCH are the tags for the EQ being used

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