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500 Supporters, Over 100 Submissions: What's Your Idea?


Since the end of October, we've been accepting your ideas for innovative and effective ways communities can get prepared before a disaster strikes.  I wanted to send out a final appeal to share your preparedness idea before our challenge closes on January 29.

To date, we have published over 140 submissions from the public.  To inspire your creativity, here are a few of them:

My last blog post also highlighted some other submissions, so check it out, too.  Challenge submissions can be sent through the website or by e-mail.

As you browse others’ submissions and see an idea that piques your interest, I encourage you to share it in your local community.  We can all benefit from sharing good ideas and making our communities better prepared before a disaster strikes.

- Shayne

About the challenge
The deadline is January 29, 2011 and all submissions will be judged based on originality, level of community engagement, and ease of implementation.  Challenge submissions are moderated before posting to the site.

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Each ZIP Code should have designated 4-sq mile "Emergency Sub Divisions (ESD):<br /><br />1. Each ESD should have as many of it's residents CERT Certified<br />2. Each ESD should have as many of it's residents Licensed Ham Radio operators. OPTION: Have as many of its residents using the new 900 MHz radio systems that utilize the "Spread-Spectrum System."<br />3. Each ESD has an ICS that operates within its self. The leader has to be CERT Certified, Have an Amateur Radio 2-meter license, be IS 100 Certified and have been observed by their local fire dept. with the ability to lead in the case of an Emergency.<br />4. Each ESD trains with local emergency services quarterly or monthly in order to keep their CERT Skills updated.<br />5. Each ESD "MAPS their ESD in order to know how to address any needed service should a disaster strike. <br />6. Each ESD Leader in a ZIP Code is a part of the overall review board that meets with the Fire Chief to address situations or concerns that could happen in a real emergency.<br />7. Each ESD Leader be an active member in the LEPC within their area.<br /><br />What this does is to relieve the emergency services from having to needlessly go to areas that are covered by an ESD Team. It is this ESD Team that can update their status to their local Fire Dept. eliminating the concerns about what is happening in an area they may not be able to respond to.<br /><br />David Carcich<br /> <br />6. Each ESD

Fire Rescue TV ( is launching a daily news show for First Responders in the next thirty days. Video and social websites are the most economical and fastest method of reaching people. Fire Rescue TV has placed fully edited video news stories online in less than an hour after an event. By creating a virtual news set, an hourly news update with locally taped video could be implemented at a minimal expense and placed on the social websites in every jurisdiction. Martin Grube – Executive Producer – Fire Rescue TV

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