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Severe weather moves its way up the east coast

As winter weather moves out of the Southeast, those along the east coast should take precautions for potentially severe weather.  As the storm system moves through, we’re continuing to stay in close touch with all of the affected states through our regional offices. 

Many businesses, government offices, schools and roads have been closed in many of the affected states.  Flights coming in and out of Atlanta have continued to be canceled and there have been a number of weather-related traffic accidents, including reports of several deaths.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family members of those who have died as a result of the winter weather. 

The dangerous effects of snow and ice storms demonstrate the importance of being prepared.  If you live in an affected area:

  • follow the direction of local officials
  • keep travel to a minimum during severe winter weather (if you need to travel, be sure to have an emergency kit in your vehicle)
  • follow local news and weather reports on conditions in your area (visit the National Weather Service for official severe weather updates)

Stay safe.

- Rachel

Other links
- Find your state emergency management agency online for localized information
- National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

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06/18/2012 - 11:43


DC dodged the bullet this time, but it still a goo...

DC dodged the bullet this time, but it still a good idea to remain prepared as we're only a few weeks into winter.

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