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"Please Pardon the Interruption..."

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After a fire swept downtown Baltimore, MD, earlier this month, 2,000 workers were displaced as businesses in the area were impacted. While this event made the news, it got us thinking about the countless common issues that can shut you down for precious hours, days or even longer: power outages, computer viruses and cyber attacks, burst pipes,  and the flu - just to name a few.

The fact is that we live in a world of constant disruption – both the unplanned and intentional kind.  For businesses and employees, business interruptions mean loss of income, services and potentially customers.

How you bounce back depends largely on how you prepare.  At FEMA, we typically see the more widespread disasters requiring federal assistance. But any business operation can experience an interruption. Not even the federal government is immune.  Just look at the historic snowstorm that shut down Washington, DC, for several days last winter.

The good news is that no matter the scale of an emergency, there are basic precautions everyone can take.  Visit (or Ready Business) for practical, low- or no-cost steps that will help safeguard cash flow, reputation, and peace of mind.  Also, consider telework policies to ensure continuity of business, no matter where the work is being done.

Share how your business, organization, and family is preparing for a new year of potential disruptions. As members of the team, it’s up all of us to ensure we’re prepared to bounce back stronger than ever.
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