01ID-01-BARR - Face Covering, Barrier, Reusable or Disposable


A barrier face covering labelled as compliant with ASTM F3502 that completely covers the user's nose and mouth and is designed to provide source control, i.e., it reduces the potential for disease transmission by the wearer and offers a degree of aerosol filtration efficiency.  NIOSH/NPPTL provides an online list of compliant face coverings at https://wwwn.cdc.gov/PPEInfo/RG/FaceCoverings. 

While these face coverings may provide some reduction of inhaled particulate matter by the wearer, they are primarily designed as source control devices and are intended for long-duration wear.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE USED IN LIEU OF RESPIRATORS.  Some barrier face coverings are designed for reuse.  Such coverings may be reused following manufacturer-specified cleaning procedures and still meet the minimum criteria of ASTM F3502.  Note: Barrier face coverings described here are not medical face masks (see 01EM-01-MASK) and are not respirators (see 01AR-06-DISP or 01AR-06-REUS).


  1. (M) 42 CFR 84 (NIOSH), Approval of Respiratory Protective Devices
  2. ASTM F2100 - 21, Standard Specification for Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks
  3. ASTM F3050 - 17, Standard Guide for Conformity Assessment of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment
  4. ASTM F3407 - 20, Standard Test Method for Respirator Fit Capability for Negative-Pressure Half-Facepiece Particulate Respirators
  5. ASTM F3502 - 21, Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings

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  • Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP)
  • Urban Areas Security Initiative Program (UASI)
  • State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)
  • Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG)

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Last updated December 3, 2021