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Since publishing the Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide (IAPPG) version 1.1 in May 2021, we've made several changes.

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Episode 130: Streamlining the FEMA Application Process. Empowering Survivors to Rebuild Faster After Disaster

FEMA is on the verge of making some of the most significant updates to survivor assistance in the last 20 years. Experiencing a disaster and the loss and displacement that it can bring is often one of the most profound and impactful experiences survivors might ever go through in their life. Beginning on March 22nd, FEMA will implement sweeping changes to our Individual Assistance Program for new disaster declarations. Those changes will reach more individuals and deliver assistance faster. Just a few months into 2024 and at the beginning of our year of resilience, these updates will serve as a starting point for individuals and families who will have now more flexibility and access to our programs. From quickly providing assistance to people who become displaced to simplifying the application process, FEMA is empowering survivors and their communities so that they can rebuild their lives faster after a disaster. There are so many changes to unpack here, today. So, on this episode, we explore those individual assistance changes and how they could benefit disaster survivors speeding their recovery and helping to build resilience to future hazards.

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