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Assistance Firefighters Grants Success Stories Desoto-Texas

This page highlights how Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) funded cardiac device was used in Desoto, Texas to save a man's life. This page is intended for fire departments and nonaffiliated Emergency Medical Service organizations (EMS).


A 53-year-old man from Desoto, Texas is alive and well today thanks to Desoto Firefighter Paramedics and a Cardiac Compression Device funded by a 2015 Assistance to Firefighters Grant award.

Tim McDarby was at home when he experienced a sudden cardiac arrest event. His wife immediately called 911 and started manual CPR. Desoto Firefighter Paramedics arrived and applied an AFG funded Cardiac Compression device to McDarby.  It was the first time that Desoto Firefighters had the opportunity to use the equipment and it performed CPR on McDarby for 19 minutes until Paramedics were able to revive him. 

"Nineteen minutes, I've never heard of it. I've been a firefighter since 1987, a paramedic since 1990, and I've never experienced anything like this." said DeSoto Fire Chief Jerry Duffield. "To do accurate compressions at the rate that we need to do them [and] at the depth, it would have been almost physically impossible for 19 minutes -- almost impossible," Duffield said.

Desoto Texas is a City of 53,000 residents located just outside Dallas. The fire department is a career department of 63 members staffing three fire stations. All Desoto firefighters are certified Paramedics, and the Assistance to Firefighters Grant of $ 242,476 was used to purchase four Cardiac Monitors and four of the Chest Compression devices, so that every Desoto first response vehicle is equipped with the life saving equipment, including the equipment used to treat McDarby.

"It saved my life, there is no doubt about it," McDarby said.



 For more information:‐heart‐pump‐saves‐lives/416402164

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