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Ascension Parish School Board Receives $6M More in Disaster Aid

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Ascension Parish School Board will receive nearly $6.1 million for permanent school repairs following the August 2016 floods. The recently approved funding will help with campus-wide repair efforts at St. Amant High School.

Minimizing Hurricane Risks

Hurricane season begins June 1 and we've already experienced, Alberto, the first named storm system, but it’s not too late for citizens to protect themselves and their families during severe weather. Since the mid 1800’s when the National Weather Service began officially recording hurricanes, 54 hurricanes have directly hit Louisiana.

Sea un amor: prepare a su familia ahora para el clima de primavera

AUSTIN, Texas – Para demostrar su amor este Día de San Valentín, asegure que sus seres queridos y su hogar estén preparados para la posibilidad de inundaciones de primavera.


Be a sweetheart: prepare your family now for spring weather

AUSTIN, Texas – Show you care this Valentine’s Day by ensuring your loved ones and your home are ready for possible spring floods.


If it can rain, it can flood. Floods are the most frequent – and the most costly – natural disasters in the United States. Hurricane Harvey impacted 41,500 square miles of Texas in August 2017, resulting in 92,351 flood insurance claims which paid out $9 billion.

Nhà Hát Trung Tâm Wortham đã trở lại hoạt động với sự giúp đỡ từ Cơ quan FEMA

AUSTIN, Texas Vào tháng 8 năm 2017, khi mùa gii đang din ra đối vi các đoàn biu din múa ba-lê và kch ca Thành ph Houston, lượng nước t cơn bão Harvey đã trà

El Centro de Teatro de Wortham vuelve al escenario con la ayuda de FEMA

AUSTIN, Texas En agosto de 2017, en plena temporada de las compañías de ballet y ópera de Houston, las aguas de inundación del Huracán Harvey entraron en el Centro de Teatro de Wortham, la cuna del Ballet de Houston y la Gran Ópera de Houston. El agua permaneció dentro del centro por dos semanas, arruinando tanto las instalaciones como sus contenidos imprescindibles para los espectáculos, tales como los disfraces, utilerías y pelucas.


Wortham Theater Center returns to the stage with help from FEMA

AUSTIN, Texas In August 2017, as the season was underway for Houston’s ballet and opera companies, Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters rushed into the Wortham Theater Center, home to the Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera. Water remained in the center for two weeks, ruining not only facilities, but also contents needed for performances like costumes, props and wigs.


The Nutcracker stage went dark.

Select floodplain maps within Bexar County become final

DENTON, Texas –– New floodplain maps become effective on June 19, 2020, for the City of Terrell Hills and multiple well-defined, distinct areas of the City of San Antonio within Bexar County, TX. As the local cooperating technical partner, the San Antonio River Authority developed the new floodplain maps together with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Residents are encouraged to examine the maps to determine if they are now in either a low-to-moderate or special flood hazard area, defined as a high-risk flood zone.  

Denton County flood maps become final

DENTON, Texas –– New flood maps become effective on June 19, 2020, for portions of Denton County, TX. Residents are encouraged to examine the maps to determine if they are in a low to moderate, or high-risk flood zone.