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Ascension Parish School Board Receives $6M More in Disaster Aid

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Ascension Parish School Board will receive nearly $6.1 million for permanent school repairs following the August 2016 floods. The recently approved funding will help with campus-wide repair efforts at St. Amant High School.

Minimizing Hurricane Risks

Hurricane season begins June 1 and we've already experienced, Alberto, the first named storm system, but it’s not too late for citizens to protect themselves and their families during severe weather. Since the mid 1800’s when the National Weather Service began officially recording hurricanes, 54 hurricanes have directly hit Louisiana.

Centro de Recuperaciόn por Desastre abre en el condado de Montgomery and Liberty

AUSTIN, Texas – Los Centros de Recuperaciόn del estado de Texas/FEMA abrirán el miercόles octubre 16, 2019 en New Caney (condado de Montgomery) y Liberty (condado de Liberty) para ayudar a sobrevivientes afectado por la tormenta Tropical Imelda.


Penn State-Berks students help Orange County kids recover during Camp Noah

AUSTIN, Texas More than two years after Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, some children in Orange County are still struggling as they try to deal with loss and change. To help combat these feelings and prepare children for future events, Orange County Disaster Rebuild, a long-term recovery group, sponsored Camp Noah at the North Orange Baptist Church this summer.


Texans Should Beware of Fraud, Scams Following Tropical Storm Imelda

AUSTIN, Texas – State and federal disaster recovery officials urge Texans affected by Tropical Storm Imelda to watch for and report

Disaster Recovery Centers Opening in Montgomery and Liberty Counties

AUSTIN, Texas – Joint state/federal Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) will be opening Wednesday, October 16 at New Caney in Montgomery County and Thursday, October 17 at Liberty in Liberty County to help disaster survivors affected by Tropical Storm Imelda.


Disaster Recovery Center Opens in Orange County to Help Imelda Survivors

AUSTIN, Texas – A joint state/federal Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) will be opening Monday, Oct. 14, in Orange County to help disaster survivors affected by Tropical Storm Imelda.


More Parishes Added to Louisiana Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance Following Hurricane Barry

BATON ROUGE, La. — At the request of the state of Louisiana, Cameron and St. Landry parishes have been added to the August 27 major disaster declaration for preparations and damages related to Hurricane Barry. Two other parishes, Pointe Coupee and St. Martin parishes are now eligible for permanent work. These two parishes were previously designated for emergency work only.


Texas TS Imelda Survivors Can Expect to See FEMA Teams Visiting Their Neighborhoods

AUSTIN, Texas – Housing inspectors and Disaster Survivor Assistance teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have hit the streets in six Texas counties to help survivors of Tropical Storm Imelda get connected with potential assistance.


Exploration Green evita inundaciones, realza la comunidad del área de Houston

Un antiguo campo de golf es ahora un innovador parque diseñado para contener 500 millones de galones de agua de lluvia


AUSTIN, Texas — El huracán Harvey inundó miles de hogares en Texas en agosto 2017, pero alrededor de 150 en la Ciudad de Clear Lake se mantuvieron secos gracias a la innovadora colaboración entre la autoridad de agua local y la comunidad.