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Audit Report DA-13-03

Appeal Brief Appeal Letter

Appeal Brief

ApplicantHarrison County
Appeal TypeSecond
PA ID#047-00000
PW ID#09475 and 09476
Date Signed2004-01-16T05:00:00

Appeal Letter

January 16, 2004

Joseph R. Meadows, Esq.

Meadows Riley Law Firm
1720 23rd Avenue
P.O. Drawer 550
Gulfport, Mississippi 39502

Re: Harrison County, PA ID 047-00000, Audit Report DA-13-03,
FEMA-1251-DR-MS, Disaster Survey Reports 09475 and 09476

Dear Mr. Meadows:

This is in response to your December 10, 2003, letter on behalf of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors (“the County”) contesting the audit findings and subsequent deobligation of federal funding for debris removal work under FEMA-1251-DR-MS.

Pursuant to 44 CFR § 206.206(a), the County must submit all appeals through the State of Mississippi (as grantee) to FEMA’s Regional Director. It is our understanding that the State has received a copy of the appeal and has forwarded it to FEMA, where it has been accepted for consideration as a first appeal.

We are sending your original letter and supporting documentation to State Director Latham.

Daniel A. Craig
Recovery Division
Emergency Preparedness and Response

cc: Kenneth O. Burris, Jr.
Regional Director
Region IV

Robert Latham
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Last updated February 4, 2020