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Region 3

Regional Business Emergency Operations Center

Risk Map


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FEMA Region 3 office, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania oversees federal emergency management for 7 Tribal Nations and the following states:

Regional Business Emergency Operations Center (RBEOC)

Staying connected to the right partners can make a big difference when you’re trying to keep your business operating after a disaster, or you want to prepare your employees and customers for an emergency. In 2015, FEMA Region III created the Regional Business Emergency Operations Center to formally enhance two-way communication and engagement with the private sector throughout the disaster lifecycle, including pre-disaster preparedness, disaster response, and post-disaster recovery. Membership in the RBEOC is virtual, with coordination provided by the FEMA Region III Private Sector Liaison. Participation is free, voluntary and open to all members of the private and public sectors. By becoming a member, you’ll join our network of trusted partners and will receive regular updates, event invitations, and preparedness resources from us.

What Happens During An RBEOC Activation

During activations, RBEOC members are invited to participate in daily calls to hear incident updates from Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC)
leadership, Emergency Support Function (ESF) partners, and affected state partners. We also track members’ needs, capabilities, concerns and updates and share them within the RRCC and with appropriate partners.

What Events Do We Host?

Every year FEMA Region III hosts a Private Sector Readiness Day at
our office in Philadelphia. This event is an opportunity for businesses
within our region to come together with emergency managers to talk
through a disaster scenario, each of our priorities and concerns, and
opportunities to coordinate.

We also host Ready Business Workshops in communities across our region to educate businesses on hazards common to the area and the simple steps they can take to prepare their facilities, employees and customers for
an emergency.


Joining the RBEOC is free and easy. By becoming a member, you’ll join our network of trusted private sector partners and will ensure that you receive regular updates and event invitations from us. Just fill out the Membership Agreement and return to Melissa Wiehenstroer, FEMA Region III’s Private Sector Liaison at Melissa.Wiehenstroer@fema.dhs.gov.

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

Potential impacts to the environment and cultural resources must be considered when a community applies for FEMA funding through Public AssistanceHazard Mitigation Assistance and Preparedness Grants.

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP)

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) is a national FEMA program that works with states, tribes, territories and local communities to evaluate and better understand their current flood risk, as well as the actions that can be taken to mitigate and become more resilient against future risk.

Interested in learning more?

Join FEMA Region 3’s Coffee Break webinars! These “Coffee Breaks” are hour-long webinar sessions hosted every other month to provide mitigation best practices and highlight the work happening at federal, regional, state, and community levels to reduce risk across the region. The Coffee Breaks are open to everyone involved in hazard mitigation, resiliency, or risk reduction planning in the public and private sectors.

Sign up to receive FEMA Region 3’s quarterly Resilience Report Newsletter! This newsletter brings you project highlights, resources and tools, best practices, and a list of upcoming events and conferences focused on mitigation, risk reduction, and increasing resilience throughout the region.

FEMA Region 3 Geospatial Maps & Tools

FEMA Geospatial Resource Center regional resources, apps, tools and products.

Region 3 Resources


Leadership Region 3 - MaryAnn Tierney

MaryAnn E. Tierney
Regional Administrator

Mrs. Tierney was appointed Regional Administrator for FEMA Region III in August 2010 and also served concurrently as Acting Regional Administrator in FEMA Region II for ten months following the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York and New Jersey. From April to June 2017 she served as the Acting Associate Administrator for Mission Support at FEMA Headquarters.  From January to June 2021 she served as Acting FEMA Deputy Administrator at FEMA Headquarters.

MaryAnn E. Tierney Full Bio

Janice Barlow

Janice Barlow
Deputy Regional Administrator

Janice is responsible for the day-to-day direction, management and monitoring of all FEMA Region 3 programs and activities. From January to June 2021 she served as Acting Regional Administrator.  She also served as a liaison assisting state and local government officials, other federal agencies, FEMA headquarters and other FEMA regions.

Janice Barlow Full Bio

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Regional News and Information

FEMA continues to accept applications for funeral assistance for COVID-19-related funeral expenses. As of Monday, May 24, the agency has received nearly 196,000 applications, and approved more than $66 million for more than 9,700 applicants.
illustration of page of paper Press Release | May 25, 2021
The City of Philadelphia will continue to run a vaccination clinic at the Convention Center after May 25th, following the drawdown of FEMA-led federal support. For the past two weeks, vaccine recipients of Pfizer Dose 1 at both the CCVC and ECVC have been scheduling appointments at the City-run Convention Center vaccine clinic, as well as several other city-run clinics.
illustration of page of paper Press Release | May 25, 2021
Following the federal disaster declaration for the severe storms and flooding of Feb. 27 to March 4, 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is sending inspectors to Cabell, Kanawha, Mingo and Wayne counties to document damages to the homes affected by the disaster.
illustration of page of paper Press Release | May 24, 2021
FEMA announced federal emergency aid has been made available to the state of West Virginia to supplement state and local recovery efforts in areas affected by severe storms from flooding from Feb. 27- March 4, 2021.
illustration of page of paper Press Release | May 21, 2021
Norfolk, Virginia — FEMA will be departing from the Military Circle Mall Community Vaccination Center site on May 22, 2021 and handing operations over to the Virginia Department of Health. Since the center has opened the vaccination team has administered more than 80,000 doses of vaccine. One of the most important goals of the Military Circle Mall Community Vaccination Center was to help vaccinate the underserved and the most vulnerable communities of Hampton Roads. These communities have received more than 50% of the doses that have been administered by the Military Circle Mall Community Vaccination Center.
illustration of page of paper Press Release | May 21, 2021
Last updated July 12, 2021