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Local government entities in Louisiana may be eligible for federal loans if they have revenue shortfalls because of August’s severe storms and floods.

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Temporary Housing

RUMOR:  There is a shortage of housing options for residents—both homeowners and renters—displaced by the storm.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s Public Assistance grant program provides federal assistance to state and local governments and certain types of private nonprofit organizations foll

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Disasters can be devastating for those who are left in the aftermath, but the effects are often amplified for people with disabilities.  As the senior disability integration advisor to FEMA Adminis

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For the past months, FEMA Corps members Christopher Coles and Casey Regnier, both 22, have been on a number of site visits with the FEMA officials who check on the progress of Baton Rouge area resi

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In the early-to-mid nineties, the term “bomb” was slang for something that was awesome or really cool.

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The resources on this page provide risk reduction, disaster recovery and flood insurance information to those interested in learning how to prepare for future flooding and wind events.

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Last updated March 6, 2020