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  • FAQ: NIMS Training Program [10/11] (PDF 67KB, TXT 7KB)
  • Emergency Responder Field Operating Guide (ERFOG) [08] (PDF ?MB, TXT ?KB) [coming soon]
  • FEMA Comprehensive Preparedness Guide, CPG 101 [8/08]
  • ICS Core Competencies - Final [9/07] (PDF 2618KB, TXT 153KB)
  • National Emergency Communications Plan
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Basic Guidance for Public Information Officers (PIOs) [11/07] (PDF 385KB, TXT 40KB)
  • National Preparedness Guidelines [9/07] (PDF 560KB)
  • National Strategy for Homeland Security [10/07]
  • NIMS Appendix B: Incident Command System [12/08] (PDF 843KB)
  • NIMS Five-Year Training Plan [2/08] (PDF 529KB, TXT 147KB)
  • NIMS Implementation Plan Template for Federal Departments and Agencies (DOC 201KB, TXT 26KB)
  • NIMS Recommended Standards List [1/08] (PDF 41KB, TXT 10KB)
  • NG 0001: National NIMS Resource Typing Criteria [3/07] (PDF 88KB, TXT 11KB)
  • NG 0002: National Credentialing Definition and Criteria [3/07] (PDF 359KB, TXT 9KB)
  • NG 0004: National Incident Management System (NIMS) Communications and Information Management Standards [1/08] (PDF 50KB, TXT 14KB)
  • NG 0005: National Incident Management System (NIMS) Preparedness and Incident Management Standards [1/08] (PDF 270KB, TXT 5KB)
  • NG 0006: General Standards Overview [7/08] (PDF 67KB, TXT 13KB)
  • Proclamation Implementing the NIMS, Pennsylvania [12/04] (PDF 715KB, TXT 3KB)
  • Sample NIMS Executive Order - California (TXT 4KB)

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