Posting of FEMA Directive 116-1: Submission of Debt to the FEMA Finance Center: State, Local, Tribal, and Territoiral Debts

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The OCFO posted a new Directive on April 15, 2013.  This directive establishes FEMA’s guidance on the responsibilities, policies, and procedures for submitting state, local, tribal, and territorial debts to the FEMA Finance Center (FFC) in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).  It applies to all debts owed by these entities, as determined by FEMA Program or Regional Offices.  After a Program/Regional Office identifies and validates monies owed and processes required appeals, the FFC is the lead and only organization with the authority to collect the debt and/or make decisions about the terms of collection.  This directive does not apply to debts owed by vendors and individuals. 

You may access the document on the “Manuals and Directives” tab of the OCFO Financial Policy intranet site  at:

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to:


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