New Wireless Network Access at FEMA Headquarters

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Wireless graphicWireless Local Area Networking will be operational at 500 C Street, Headquarters, April 11. The WLAN will enable Headquarters users to access the Internet using their wireless-capable device, and will provide non-FEMA users the ability to access their Components’ host systems when they are working or visiting at FEMA Headquarters. Note that the WLAN is not connected to FEMA’s network in any manner, so FEMA users will need to have their RSA token to virtual private network VPN/dual authenticate into FEMA hosted systems, just as they do when working from any remote location, home, non-FEMA offices, etc.

This WLAN access is not a replacement for the existing hardwired-LAN connections, but rather is meant to augment existing methods to access host-systems via a VPN connection. This project is part of the broader workplace transformation effort currently underway within FEMA. The WLAN will enable users to be more mobile throughout the workplace and will provide FEMA-authorized guests with the means to connect to their Component’s host systems while working at FEMA HEADQUARTERS.

ESD has developed a webpage – to provide required information for WLAN access (SSID and password), as well as other helpful information regarding this new managed service. Note the SSID will not be broadcast, for security purposes, and will have to be entered manually into your device. Scanning for wireless networks will not reflect the existence of the FEMA WLAN, but it may be reflected by your device as “Other Network.”

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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