National Telework Week 2013 Manager Survey Results

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Achievements and Opportunities for Improvement

More than 3,300 FEMA employees participated in National Telework Week, March 4 – 8, 2013. Over the course of the week, these employees logged in 46,774 telework hours, tripling an average week’s telework hours. Almost 75% of FEMA managers joined in the pledge to telework and, of those participating; over 200 chose to share their Telework Week experiences via a voluntary survey where they reported enthusiasm for episodic teleworking and interest in mobile workforce training.

According to the survey results:

  • Most FEMA managers regularly practice teleworking in their units;

  • Approximately half of responding managers telework regularly themselves;

  • 70% have employees who currently telework at least one day per week;

  • 56% of the managers responded that they were more productive when teleworking;

  • 30% noted higher performance in teleworking employees; and,

  • 85% of managers reported discussing performance metrics for teleworking employees with their staff.

Approximately 30 percent of the FEMA managers have not adopted telework in their units or have experienced less success implementing telework practices.

  • 15% of responding managers reported decreased employee performance;

  • 20% reported decreased communication in teleworking employees; and,

  • 15% of responding managers have not discussed performance metrics for teleworking employees with their staff, a key indicator of teleworking success. 

Managers also showed interest in mobile workforce training, especially in IT Enablers and management skills.  

The following workplace transformation events will be offered during the month of May:

  • Black Berry 101 Lunch and Learn scheduled - Tuesday, May 21, from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

  • On May 30 a panel discussion with a group of FEMA employees will be held to share lessons learned on how teleworking has helped them balance their lives and share helpful tips. Further information will be provided.

  • During Hurricane Preparedness Week; May 26-June 1, on-site IT training will be provided for the mobile workforce to do their jobs remotely.  Please check with your managers and supervisors to find out when the training will be offered in your division.

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