Mount Weather Firefighter receives high honor

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Story by: Blake Miller

Congratulations go out to Deputy Chief Greg Williams of the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Fire Department. He was recently recognized for attaining a high honor in his profession:  completion of the FEMA Executive Fire Officer Program.

Deputy Chief Greg Williams receives award

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center Fire Department Chief Frank Davis presents Deputy Fire Chief Greg Williams with the Certificate of Completion for the FEMA Executive Fire Officer Program from MWEOC. Photo by Mary Pellegrino/FEMA

The FEMA Executive Fire Officer Program is designed to enhance professional development for senior fire officers. Coordinated by the United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Academy, the Program teaches firefighters the importance of being proactive and being ready to handle a variety of facets of firefighting. These include emphasizing the need for lifelong fire research, diversity in firefighting and increasing the firefighting knowledge base. 

The Program is competitive, with thousands of fire officers from across the country vying for approximately 50 available slots annually. Requirements for admission include a bachelor’s degree, as well as a written application and essay. Upon acceptance, the fire officer must complete four two week core courses in executive leadership over a four year period. 

An integral part of the program is the Applied Research Project. This entails coming up with ways to enhance firefighting methods for the student’s organization. Deputy Chief Williams produced 4 separate research papers to implement improvements at the MWEOC Fire Department.  Guidelines are strict, and his project was graded by an independent panel of firefighting experts from around the country. 

According to MWEOC Fire Chief Frank Thomas, the improvement project designed by Deputy Chief Williams will go into effect for the MWEOC Fire Department. Deputy Chief Williams’ successful completion of the FEMA Executive Fire Officer Program represents the dedication and professionalism that the MWEOC Fire Department is known for.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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