Have you completed your FEMA Individual Development Plan this year?

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What are Individual Development Plans and what’s the benefit of completing one?

While the nuances of individual development plans vary from organization to organization, an IDP is simply the steps a person can take to improve their professional performance and set themselves up for future career success through educational means. In general, your IDP should address:

  • The individual’s career goals
  • The individual’s goals as they relate to the goals of the organization
  • Short- and long-term development needs
  • Actions needed to develop skills and knowledge (competencies) that will impact performance in present and/or future positions

How do IDPs improve the FEMA organization as a whole?

Individual development plans can have a positive impact on the organization in several critical ways.

Reduce turnover. According to a study published in 2009 by Bersin & Associates, organizations that implement and used individual development plans have a 27 percent lower turnover rate than companies that scarcely utilize IDPs.

Create an environment for sustained success. IDPs help create an environment conducive for development by training and equipping front-line managers to provide feedback and coaching in a practical and relevant manner. By encouraging these interactions, you’re setting up a constant process of self-improvement within every department and level of the organization.

Engage a largely unengaged community. Performance management and succession management programs generally focus on the top 20 percent and bottom 10 percent of an organization’s workforce. This leaves 70 percent of the talent pool unengaged and largely disenfranchised from processes that drive the success of the organization. IDPs bridge that gap and engage employees at every level.

Go get your IDP completed today!

Please visit our web page for detailed information and instructions for completing your IDP form. The IDP form is on the Career Development site. See the attached link.  If you have any questions concerning the IPD process, please contact Doris Jackson@ 202-2087 or Darren Moten @202-2082. Our email addresses are in the global.

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