FEMASTAT Launches “Wiki Drive”

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FEMA has a lot of systems, and we know a lot about them. However, we have a harder time ensuring every employee can connect to information inside those systems. The FEMASTAT team is working with the OCIO and other partners to better understand the relationship between employees and the information inside of systems, but we need your help. 

For one week, and one week only, we are doing a “Wiki Drive” to learn about these systems directly from employees. We’ve created a SharePoint site (behind the firewall) with a list of every FEMA system we know about. Now we need you to come in and tell us what every FEMA employee should know. The attached flyer should get you started. 

Why are we calling it a “Wiki Drive?” 

  • Wikipedia is written collaboratively by people all over the world. In fact, anyone who can access the site can edit the articles. We are calling this a Wiki Drive, because we are letting any FEMA employee who wants access to our SharePoint site come in and edit any of the “articles” about FEMA’s systems. Ideally, this collaboration will yield a more accurate and consumer-centric picture of how employees interact with information here at FEMA. 

Thanks you for your participation!


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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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