FEMA employees participate in Federal Employee Viewpoint survey

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Nicole D. Early, Director, Workforce Effectiveness

FEMA launched the 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey on April 30 and currently participation for FEMA is at 32.4%. In 2013, the Office of Personnel Management developed an improved sampling methodology that will allow for a representative sample, but will not require a government wide census.  Employees that were selected by OPM were invited participate through a link that employees received by individual email.  Stafford Act employees will participate in a version of FEVS that will launch later this summer and be combined to analyze overall FEMA results.  Eligible employees have until June 7th to complete the FEVS.

FEVS is a powerful management tool that drives organizational change at both the agency and manager level.  The survey will help evaluate the dynamics within FEMA that impact the agency’s most essential asset, the workforce. FEMA encourages employees to participate as the results of the survey are a key source for obtaining input from FEMA employees that can impact the policies, programs, and operation of the Agency.

In 2012, FEMA used the FEMAStat process to analyze and discuss FEVS results with senior leadership. This resulted in assessment of the current performance management and rewards programs and evaluation of internal communication methods.

Additionally, FEMA participated in a Department of Homeland Security Executive Steering Committee to discuss actions that can be taken throughout the Department.

Supervisors should ensure that employees have an opportunity during the workday (approximately 20 - 25 minutes) to complete the survey, which is designed to allow stopping at any point and resuming the survey later. Responses are both voluntary and strictly confidential. The survey is administered by the OPM and responses will not be attributed to individual employees.

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