Determined Sentry 2013 – Continuity of Operations telework drill

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By Lontina Artis, National Continuity Programs

Continuity of Operations isn’t just for Emergency Relocation Group Members, it affects all employees, and mobile work or telework is a good example of a resilient workforce able to respond and support FEMA’s mission under all conditions.

During the month of May, FEMA - National Continuity Programs, in collaboration with the Office of Chief Information officer and Office of Chief Human Capital officer, will conduct a no-notice mobile work/telework drill. The Determined Sentry 2013 Mobile Work/Telework Drill will test FEMA’s current capabilities to operate in a telework environment, the alert and notification system, connectivity to the FEMA network through the Virtual Private Network dual factor authentication, remote access to component vital records, and communication capabilities.

Determined Sentry 2013 is a one-day mobile work or telework activity for all FEMA Headquarters, regional, and National Processing Service Center personnel with current telework agreements in place to telework from their designated telework sites. It is important for managers, supervisors, and Telework coordinators to ensure Telework agreements are current and in place for employees prior to the May Telework Drill.

In preparation for Determined Sentry, FEMA encourages components to use mobile work/telework days to test component telework capabilities and procedures, FEMA-issued IT equipment, access to vital records, and ensuring accessibility to the VPN prior to the drill.

The mobile work/telework drill will begin with an advance notice at 2 p.m. EDT, the day prior to the drill. For further information please contact your component Continuity of Operations Point of Contact or National Continuity Programs – Continuity of Operations Division.

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05/08/2013 - 15:41
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