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This section of the site contains information on preparedness grants funding provided by FEMA to state, local, tribal and territorial governments in the form of non-disaster grants. Preparedness and other grant programs support our citizens and first responders to ensure that we work together as a nation to build, sustain and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards. These grants support our grantees develop and sustain capabilities at the state and local, tribal and territorial levels and in our nation’s highest-risk transit systems, ports and along our borders to prevent, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate terrorism and other high-consequence disasters and emergencies.

For information related to FEMA Guidance on COVID-19, please visit the FEMA Coronavirus page.

Preparedness Grants Manual

FEMA has developed this Preparedness Grants Manual to guide applicants and recipients of grant funding on how to manage their grants and other resources. Recipients seeking guidance on policies and procedures for managing preparedness grants should reference this manual for further information on both program-specific information as well as overall guidance on rules and regulations that guide the proper management of FEMA grants.  

FY 2020 Preparedness Grant Programs Update

        You may access the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program page for more information.

        You may access the Fiscal Year 2020 Homeland Security Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for updated frequently asked questions and answers.


News and Announcements

For general inquiries regarding FEMA's grant programs, please contact the FEMA Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk at (800)368-6498 or send an email to

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Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities (LETPA)

Federal support for law enforcement continues to be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. One way in which this is accomplished is through the funding of Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities (LETPA). The Fiscal Year 2008-2015 LETPA Funding Report is available for download. The report provides both historical funding levels as well as project-level descriptions provided by grant recipients nation wide. Questions regarding this report can be directed to

Information Bulletin No. 412 - Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities - A Critical Requirement of the Homeland Security Grant Program provides additional guidance and priorities regarding the Homeland Security Grant Program’s law enforcement terrorism prevention activities requirement.

Cybersecurity Services and Support

DHS provides voluntary, non-binding, and no cost cybersecurity services to the state, local, tribal and territorial community.

Follow the link to the catalogue that describes DHS cybersecurity services and how to request support. For general cybersecurity support questions, email

2 C.F.R. Part 200

Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards

FEMA Intergovernmental Webinar Series: "The Super Circular" 2 C.F.R. Part 200

Information Bulletins

Interim Guidance

Legacy Circulars and Regulations for FEMA Awards made prior to December 26, 2014.  (Access for downloading is provided through the official site of the U.S. Government Publishing.)

  • 2 C.F.R. Part 215  Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and other Non-Profit Organizations (OMB Circular A-110)
  • 2 C.F.R. Part 220 Cost Principles for Educational Institutions (OMB Circular A-21)
  • 2 C.F.R. Part 225  Cost Principles for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments (OMB Circular A-87)
  • 2 C.F.R. Part 230  Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations (OMB Circular A-122)
  • 44 C.F.R. Part 13  Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments
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