Memo on 9523.6 Mutual Aid Policy

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MAR 15 2005


Regional Directors, Regions I–X
Federal Coordinating Officers


Daniel A. Craig
Recovery Division


Mutual Aid Policy
Recovery Policy No. 9523.6

Because of the recent confusion and misinterpretation concerning the subject policy and the question of whether wages of personnel filling in for personnel deployed for the hurricane response are eligible, we have issued the following clarification:

Backfill cost in paragraph 7.D. (5) of Recovery Policy No. 9523.6, Mutual Aid Agreements for Public Assistance and Fire Management Assistance, dated September 22, 2004, is defined as the straight time salary and benefits of replacement personnel who perform the regular duties of other personnel who are deployed under a mutual aid agreement to perform eligible work under the Public Assistance Program. The overtime salary of the replacement personnel is considered a cost of deploying personnel who perform eligible work and is eligible for reimbursement under this policy.

Since the regular time salary of the deployed personnel is an eligible cost per the Mutual Aid policy, to prevent duplication the regular time salary of the backfill person is not an eligible cost. However, the increased portion of overtime cost incurred by the sending entity for backfill employees is eligible. For example, if a backfill employee works 8 hours and is paid 1 ½ times his regular salary for the entire 8 hours, only the extra ½ of his regular salary would be eligible since the straight time is already in the applicant's budget.

In essence, this clarification makes the written policy for mutual-aid situations the same as the policy issued for public assistance on November 19, 1993, by memorandum. If you have questions on this, please call James Walke at (202) 646-2751 or Chuck Stuart at (202) 646-3691.

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