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90-Day Private Sector Representative Program

Private Sector employee with a jacket that says Private Sector Representative on the backThis web page provides an overview of the FEMA Private Sector Representative rotation program.

Private Sector Representative inside FEMA

FEMA’s Private Sector Division has created a 90-day rotational private sector seat in the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) to support Emergency Support Function-15 (External Affairs).  

When the NRCC is Activated…

Representatives will work to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate between public and private stakeholders to fulfill various objectives that support and contribute to the overall response and recovery during an event.

  • Serve as a key channel of communication between FEMA and the private sector
  • Support situational awareness of disaster impacts and recovery within the private sector
  • Coordinate with other relevant Emergency Supportion Functions (ESF) and infrastructure liaisons in support of private sector recovery efforts

When the NRCC is not Activated…

Representatives will work as part of the FEMA Private Sector Division, Office of External Affairs, to seek and share information with the private sector on preparedness planning, training, exercising, and mitigation activities.

  • Serve as a critical liaison between FEMA and the private sector
  • Contribute to national level projects related to all phases of emergency management
  • Support and introduce programmatic improvements on a variety of private sector initiatives

Past particpants in this program include businesses like Target, Verizon, Brookfield Properties, Walmart, Big Lots, Citigroup and more. 

If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please read our Private Sector Representative Program fact sheet or contact us at

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07/14/2017 - 08:27