2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FEMA’s Strategic Plan?

The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan reflects objectives the Agency will accomplish to provide the best possible support to the American people before, during, and after disasters. It sets forth the strategies FEMA will employ to accomplish the objectives and also establishes measurable outcomes to achieve. This Strategic Plan was developed through the involvement of hundreds of FEMA employees and many external stakeholders who contributed to generating our objectives, strategies, and outcomes, and who are now working to execute this Plan.


Does the new 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan represent a significant shift from the previous FY 2011-2014 FEMA Strategic Plan?


The FY 2011-2014 FEMA Strategic Plan charted a new course for the Agency. It advanced a whole community approach to the practice of emergency management, acknowledging the important role of all partners within communities, including the government. It also advocated the active integration of new partners and new approaches to build the Nation’s capacity to manage catastrophic disasters, to develop a common understanding of the risks we face, to create a more flexible and agile FEMA, and to build an environment for learning and innovation. In the past four years, we made significant progress in advancing those initiatives and improving the way FEMA functions. The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan is a primary vehicle for building on and institutionalizing these changes, while also establishing the marks on the wall that will propel us forward to address the broad-scale issues and long-term challenges facing the Agency and the emergency management community across the Nation.

What doctrine drives the Agency's strategic planning?

FEMA developed the Strategic Plan based on guidance from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11 and lessons learned from other agencies. The principles of this planning effort are to institutionalize the changes FEMA has already effected and challenge the agency to realize solutions to long-term challenges. The Agency’s strategic planning is based on national level strategic documents including the President’s National Security Strategy and the Department of Homeland Security’s 2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Mission 5 (Strengthen national preparedness and resilience).

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