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Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, universal access, use of information
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June 16, 2014
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  • SFI Information Packet

    Basic information on FEMA's Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI)

  • SFI Summary of Findings

    The Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) is a collaborative effort of the emergency management community facilitated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  SFI was launched so the emergency management community can seek to understand how the world is changing, and how those changes may affect the future of emergency management.  Participants in SFI have identified nine drivers that are likely to affect the field of emergency management significantly over the next 15 years. These drivers should be considered as the emergency management community makes long-term plans and decisions.


  • Global Interdependencies

    In recent decades, globalization has raised socioeconomic conditions in many nations while creating new global interdependencies that will influence emergency management in the U.S. and worldwide. These growing political, economic, technological, and social interdependencies are evident in the following changes: Rapid global economic growth; Industrial development of  non-OECD nations; Interlinked global supply chains; Increased worldwide awareness; Increased media reach and individual power.

  • Toward More Resilient Futures: Putting Foresight Into Practice

    This document builds on the foundation of last year's capstone Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) report.  In the Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030 report, SFI established a framework for foresight: deepening our understanding of the forces driving change in emergency management and delivering insights into the capabilities, tools, and partnerships needed for success in the future.

     With Towards More Resilient Futures, we take another step forward as we seek to apply our collective foresight toward more resilient futures.  This step moves beyond the analytical world of process and "theory" toward the real world of practice.  And this focus on practical applications is the cornerstone of this document.

  • SFI Driver Paper - The Changing Role of the Individual

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, the changing role of the individual
  • SFI Driver Paper - Climate Change

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, climate change
  • SFI Driver Paper - Critical Infrastructure

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, critical infrastructure
  • SFI Driver Paper - Demography

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, demography
  • SFI Driver Paper - Global Interdependencies

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, global, interdependencies
  • SFI Driver Paper - Government Budgets

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, government, budget
  • SFI Driver Paper - Technology Development and Dependence

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, technology, development, dependence
  • SFI Driver Paper - Universal Access to and Use of Information

    Strategic Foresight Initiative, driver research paper, universal access, use of information
  • Strategic Foresight Initiative Driver Papers

    The world is changing in ways that may significantly impact the emergency management community. Thinking more broadly and over a longer timeframe helps FEMA and its partners   understand trends that may influence our mission space. The following FEMA products explore long-term trends with implications for the future of emergency management.

  • Learning Aid for Strategic Foresight Initiative Video

    This learning aid accompanies the SFI video “Thinking Seriously about the Future to Enhance Disaster Resilience” to help stimulate discussion around future emergency management challenges.

  • Strategic Foresight Initiative Case Studies

    Interviews with two members of our foresight community about how they have applied strategic foresight insights and methods in their work in North Dakota and Baltimore

  • Foresight Activity: Assessing the Future Operating Environment

    This guide assists organizations in planning and implementing a one to two hour strategic foresight discussion, drawing on the essence of scenario planning techniques without the need to utilize specialized concepts or develop new materials.

  • Foresight Workshop How-to Guide

    This guide assists organizations in preparing for and conducting a two-hour foresight workshop utilizing scenario planning techniques. This type of a workshop can involve a small team or a larger group of decision makers or stakeholders depending on the organization’s interest in foresight and strategic planning.

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