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    This collection holds all products posted in Diamond for the Louisiana floods
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    Cover Image for Cascadia Rising 2016 album

    Cascadia Rising 2016

    Information and documents on Cascadia Rising 2016.
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    Cover Image for America’s PrepareAthon! Spring Toolkit Graphics album
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    Cover Image for Disaster Assistance Graphics album

    Disaster Assistance Graphics

    Graphics that explain the disaster assistance process.
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    Tornado Safety Graphics

    Graphics to be used for Tornado safety
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    Cover Image for Extreme Heat Safety Graphics  album

    Extreme Heat Safety Graphics

    Extreme heat safety graphics
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    Pet Safety Graphics

    Pet Safety graphics.
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    Cover Image for Hurricane Safety Graphics album

    Hurricane Safety Graphics

    This collections holds graphics for Hurricane Safety.
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    Cover Image for Texas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4223) album

    Texas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4223)

    This collection holds documents, declarations, photos and other products used for DR-4223
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    Cover Image for Manufactured Housing Units (MHU) album

    Manufactured Housing Units (MHU)

    Photos of FEMA's Manufactured Housing Units
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    Cover Image for 2016 - Web Metrics album

    2016 - Web Metrics

    This container holds 2016 web metrics for,,, and
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    Cover Image for We Prepare Everyday album

    We Prepare Everyday

    Videos brought to you by the Ready Campaign and Ad Council shows people with access and functional needs taking charge to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies. This video is available with open caption and closed caption, certified deaf interpreter (CDI) and open caption with CDI. "Be Informed. Make a Plan. Build a Kit. Get Involved." Visit for more information on preparing.
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    Cover Image for Severe Weather Safety Graphics album

    Severe Weather Safety Graphics

    This collections contains severe weather safety graphics
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    Cover Image for Wildfire Safety Graphics album

    Wildfire Safety Graphics

    This collections contains graphics for Wildfire Safety Graphics
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    Cover Image for Preliminary Damage Assessment Reports album

    Preliminary Damage Assessment Reports

    This collects holds FEMA Preliminary Damage Assessment Reports
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    Cover Image for Dam Safety album

    Dam Safety

    This collections holds documents for Dam Safety
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    Cover Image for Community Planning & Capacity Building - Recovery Support Function archives album

    Community Planning & Capacity Building - Recovery Support Function archives

    The Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function (CPCB RSF) was created in 2011 upon release of the National Disaster Recovery Framework. The CPCB RSF is a Federal Emergency Management Agency coordination entity. It is made up of agencies and organizations that collaborate to identify needs and coordinate resources to aid local governments, leaders and communities in planning for, organizing and managing the complexity of recovery, as well as engaging the whole community in an organized recovery process. CPCB RSF works in support of the National Preparedness Goal and in delivery of the Recovery Core Capabilities. Enhancing community resilience, before and after disaster, is a founding principle of the CPCB RSF.
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    Mitigation Best Practices

    This Collection contains Mitigation Best Practices. Additional Best Practices can be found at
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    Cover Image for Code Capability Report and Appendices (1992) album

    Code Capability Report and Appendices (1992)

    This collection contains FEMA 296, 297, and 298 which comprises the Code Capability Report and its appendices. This report provides a comparison between the NFIP technical guidelines and standards and the model code and standards in place in 1992. The report's recommendations provide a basis for coordinating NFIP documents with model code and standards.
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    Cover Image for Flood Safety Graphics album

    Flood Safety Graphics

    This collection includes graphics with a focus on flood safety.