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Working in or Near Native American Tribal Lands or Graves

Much like historic and cultural resource sites, known Native American lands are protected under special guidelines. Although this issue is much more visible in places like Wyoming and New Mexico, there are some areas within Region III where native lands exist. If you are working in or near one of these areas, or uncover archaeological artifacts while cleaning up after a disaster, you must consult a professional. The best way is to contact your local FEMA disaster officer, and we can lead the consultation efforts on any tribal issues with the Bureau of Indian Affairs for you.

The National Park Service is responsible for developing a systematic process for determining the rights of lineal descendants and Indian tribes to certain Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural significance. Inadvertent or unplanned discovery of human remains and funerary objects will require that all work cease until the culturally affiliated tribes have been notified and consultation has been has been initiated. Contact your state Archeology Survey.

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