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Who Can We Contact in Region VI about Mitigation Programs?

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This page contains contact information for Region VI Mitigation Leadership and Staff.

General Contact Numbers

  • 940-898-5127
  • 940-898-5165
  • 940-898-5598
  • 940-898-5474

Region VI Mitigation Leadership

Sandy Keefe, Mitigation Division Director

Gary Zimmerer, Mitigation Deputy Division Director

Region VI Mitigation Branch Chiefs

Risk Analysis - Ron Wanhanen (Acting)

Floodplain Management and Flood Insurance - Ross Richardson

Hazard Mitigation Assistance - Melissa Wise

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation - Kevin Jaynes

Region VI Senior Planning Specialist

Pat Schaffer, 940-898-5136

Region VI Mitigation Program Specialists

Risk Analysis - Diane Howe (Acting) - Risk MAP Team Lead

Hazard Mitigation Planning - Bart Moore, Team Lead, 940-898-5363

Floodplain Management and Flood Insurance - Lisa Jennings, Team Lead, Community Assistance Program, and Risk MAP, 940-898-5283

Floodplain Management and Flood Insurance - Jack Graham, Team Lead, Compliance, Community Rating System, and Training, 940-898-5463     

Regional Flood Insurance Specialist - Mark Lujan, 940-383-7327

Hazard Mitigation Assistance - Vacant, Team Lead, 940-898-5380 (Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma)

Hazard Mitigation Assistance - Donnie Walsh, Team Lead, 940-898-5207 (Arkansas, Texas)

Earthquake and Dam Safety Program Manager - Prince Aryee, 940-898-5393

Disaster Operations Specialist - Carlenya Veasey, 940-898-5560

Community Education and Outreach Specialist - Cindy Wirz, 940-898-5164

State Specific Contacts


Risk Analysis - John Bourdeau 

Mitigation Planning - David Reiff

Floodplain Management and Insurance - John Bowman, 940-898-5556 (Acting)

Hazard Mitigation Assistance:



Risk Analysis - Shona Gibson

Mitigation Planning - Jordon Ricks

Floodplain Management and Insurance - David Hiegel, 940-898-5405

Hazard Mitigation Assistance:

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program:


New Mexico:

Risk Analysis - Jerry Clark

Mitigation Planning - Shanene Thomas

Floodplain Management and Insurance - Mayra Diaz, 940-898-5541

Hazard Mitigation Assistance:



Risk Analysis - Jerry Clark

Mitigation Planning - Shanene Thomas

Floodplain Management and Insurance - Roberto Ramirez, 940-383-7329

Hazard Mitigation Assistance:



Risk Analysis - Larry Voice

Mitigation Planning - Mary Lover

Floodplain Management and Insurance:

  • North and North Central Texas - Dale Hoff, 940-898-5225
  • West and Panhandle of Texas - Mayra Diaz, 940-898-5541
  • South Central and Coastal Texas - Jaye Hendricks, 940-898-5561

Hazard Mitigation Assistance:

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