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We are very excited that FEMA launched our first-e...

We are very excited that FEMA launched our first-ever blog, which will be another tool we use to communicate directly with you – our partners in emergency management – and with our customers: the American people.It will feature daily posts from our Administrator, Craig Fugate and other senior leaders across our agency; check out his inaugural post at blog.fema.gov<br /> <br />As Administrator Fugate explains, our blog will provide key resources for families and communities before, during and after a disaster. It will be a place to check for the latest information on what we are doing to prepare for, respond to, or recover from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and the many other hazards we face. It will allow us to highlight the great work that all members of our nation’s emergency management team do every day to keep our country safe, from state and local officials to volunteer groups to the private sector to everyday citizens. And we will use it as a tool to better inform all of our stakeholders about our mission, our daily operations and debunk misinformation.<br /><br />If you have a good idea for a post, or a topic you’d like to see covered, please let us know. <br /><br />We hope you’ll find this new tool useful as you continue to report on FEMA – and hope you’ll help us spread the word. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog by signing up for our RSS feeds, and please share our URL with your colleagues, viewers and readers. As always, we encourage your feedback, especially as we get the blog up and running.
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