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Deadly Midwest storm ushers in 2011

Severe weather in the middle of the U.S. brought in the New Year with an exclamation point.  For residents in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, and parts of Illinois, a severe weather system moved through the area, bringing deadly storms and tornadoes.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and communities of those in Arkansas and Missouri who lost their lives during the storms.

We are in close coordination with our state and local partners, as well as volunteer and faith-based organizations, as they work with first responders to meet the immediate needs of survivors.  No federal assistance has been requested at this time, but our regional watch centers are closely monitoring the situation as damage assessments continue. Once assessments of the levels of damage are done, state and local officials can determine if their recovery needs are beyond their own capabilities and resources and if federal aid is needed.

The Midwest and South weren’t the only states experiencing severe weather this weekend – Californians are getting hit with another round of wet weather as they continue to recover from the Christmas flooding and mudslides. Through our regional office in Oakland, we also remain in close contact with California Emergency Management officials as they deal with their latest bout of storms.

Make sure you’re prepared for severe weather by having an emergency kit, making an emergency plan, and being informed of local conditions.  Visit to get prepared today.

If you’ve experienced severe weather lately, leave a comment as let us know how being prepared helped to ease the stress of the situation.

- Rachel

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