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Mr. Fugate, I think you're taking on the rig...

Mr. Fugate, <br /><br />I think you're taking on the right subject at the right time. In Spokane, we had an interesting thing happen with Social Media. See story below. <br />Gerry, Spokane Emergency Management. <br />by<br /><br /><br /><br />Posted on January 18, 2011 at 4:48 PM<br /><br />Updated Wednesday, Jan 19 at 5:14 PM<br /><br />SPOKANE -- A disabled Spokane man turned to an online game to summon help when his home filled with smoke.<br /><br />He was unable to get out on his own because he has muscular dystrophy and is mostly immobile. The phone was out of reach and the only way he had to communicate was with his modified computer.<br /><br />The day started as usual for Bob Chambers. His wife helped him to the living room then got ready to leave the house to pick up her grandson.<br /><br />"She put a toaster strudel in the toaster and said I'll be back in about five minutes and it will be okay," said Bob.<br /><br />Minutes later the strudel jammed in the toaster and started to smoke. Bob has had muscular dystrophy his whole life and is mostly immobile. He was trapped in the house that was filling with smoke.<br /><br />"I was online playing one of these games through Facebook and I just started typing 'this is not a joke, I need help, there's a fire in the kitchen, can someone please call the Spokane Fire Department' and I put my address on the internet," said Bob.<br /><br />He types with the help of a stick and hoped someone would respond. The online game is Evony. He used the chat function to ask for help.<br /><br />"The host of the group I'm with wrote back 'are you joking?' and I said no. And four or five minutes later he said they're on their way," recalled Bob.<br /><br />Firefighters pulled Bob from the house and extinguished the toaster. Bob's grateful to the person who called 911.<br /><br />"You're always capable of doing anything you put your mind to and keep a cool head when you're in the thick of a fire," said Bob.<br /><br />Bob was taken to the hospital. He suffered minor smoke inhalation but is doing well.