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Does anyone have an interest in developing our you...

Does anyone have an interest in developing our youth and strengthening the future of emergency management and how we help disaster survivors? Is $4.75 a day in per diem when many receive 50-100$ a day too much for these young people that are dedicating themselves to better their country? Will FEMA have 100% of the reservist cadre available at any one time--would you like to be required to deploy every day of the year and then go sleep in a barrack like they are willing to do? Every person in the agency started out as a trainee--because they are coming in as trainees are these young, energetic, committed, intelligent young people in our country really going to "mess things up"? Did we all come is as fully trained staff able to answer all questions and do a perfect job--and are even the fully qualified staff in FEMA fully able to answer and do everything and never make a mistake? I'm very tired of all the negative comments about everything. The agency was so short of staff this past hurricane season--painfully so--and to get many people to make themselves available they had to "force" compliance for an agreement signed by each DAE when they started? Do you know that 90% of the staff that responded to Katrina were contractors because weren't enough staff? I would suggest trying to think of something positive to say--anything at all. Trust me--you will feel better, you will actually be helping the future of emergency management--and perhaps, just perhaps--you will be fortunate enough to work with one of these young folks and be a positive mentor rather than a cynical person that is only thinking of themself when our collective reason for being an agency is to help disaster survivors.