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I am part of a Swift water/Flood rescue team that ...

I am part of a Swift water/Flood rescue team that was created from the devastating flooding that occured during Hurricane Katrina. Our Director has been a SME in Water Rescue for over 10 years and has trained many individuals throughout the State. Since the formation of this team it has been our efforts to work with the State and assist in any water related event. We have attempted to present a Public-Private Partnership with several organization within GOHSEP (LDWF thru State Fire Marshal Office) to no avail. We used the templates with the FEMA PPP site, and still seem to not be able to get one implemented. Can you give us some insight as to what we can do? We even have individuals who have employeers willing to allow them to help and those on the team only ask to be compensated for their time away. Many of the public agencies have requested us and asked if we were involved in water related events now and in the past. We truly want to be there, use our skilled training and knowledge, and assist others to save lives. What direction or guidance can you give us either with the pursuit of a PPP with the State, Region, or local officials or another avenue of approach.<br /><br />Keith<br />Water Rescue Specialist<br />keith@gulfstatesdiveandrescue.org
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