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Hey guys. You need to get ahead of this Japanese ...

Hey guys. You need to get ahead of this Japanese nuclear thing. The silence is deafening. You can't have a half dozen nuclear reactors have "problems with cooling" and not discuss the fallout potential, the jet stream and the USA. the Japanese will save face and never be upfront about the radiation. We have detectors all over the pacific - you better tell people the USA is monitoring the situation for air borne radiation. This is what you are paid for. Nobody wants a panic - which is why you need to be proactive. Are we facing a Katrina x10? Silence does not help. Obama is golfing and the FEMA site does not even use the word "nuclear." If there is no need for concern, great! Please tells us exactly how and why there is no concern. Where are the radiation detectors, who is operating them and who is the coordinator/interpreter of the data? Is there any detection of higher levels of radiation from Japan in the jet stream? NASA, NOAA, DOD?
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