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Technology is integral to nearly every aspect of modern life in the United States.  FEMA is conducting a pilot project to incorporate voluntary technology resources as part of the disaster response team. 


  • Tech Corps will help to develop a national network of skilled, trained technology volunteers who can assist with critical technology gaps during community response and recovery efforts following a federally declared disaster.
  • On the federal side, the team will include three Tech Corps Liaisons on the national Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMAT). These individuals will be responsible for developing networks of technology volunteers from recognized organizations, and facilitating collaborative solutions to common issues like adopting a common baseline for training and certification.
  • Working with state, local, tribal, or territorial emergency managers and technology partners in the private sector, the Tech Corps liaisons will help to identify and define critical gaps and then help coordinate and connect volunteer technology resources.


Who can be part of Tech Corps? 

In the initial stages, Tech Corps will focus on organizations that have existing disaster response teams. To share your thoughts on who should be involved, take part in the discussion on IdeaScale.

Where will Tech Corps operate? 

Tech Corps will support state, local, tribal and territorial governments.  The Tech Corps liaisons will operate in states or jurisdictions within the United States that have received a major disaster or emergency declaration from the President.

When will Tech Corps be rolled out?  

Activities are already underway to gather feedback on the Tech Corps concept.  It is anticipated that the pilot program will launch in 2014.

How do I get involved? 

You can help shape the direction of Tech Corps! Get involved in the online discussion at IdeaScale.

Does Tech Corps respond to cyber attacks? 

Tech Corps is not a cybersecurity initiative.  The National Protection and Programs Directorate is the lead component within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for cybersecurity and works with other agencies that focus on this critical area, while FEMA focuses on emergency and consequence management.

Recommended Training

Understanding the fundamentals of disaster response and recovery is important for anyone who wants to participate effectively as part of the disaster response and recovery team. The links below include some basic recommended training available free and online through FEMA or DHS. 

Emergency Management overview

Response/Recovery/Deployment Courses

Emergency Support Function for External Affairs

During disaster deployments, Tech Corps liaisons will work under the External Affairs emergency support function

Public-Private Partnerships in Emergency Management


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