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FEMA Administrator's Intent

The FEMA Administrator’s Intent is a strategic document intended to inform program planning, budget development, and the identification of performance outcomes. The Administrator’s Intent outlines the Administrator’s policy and planning priorities for the agency’s FY 2015-2019 budgets, is a key part of the strategic planning process, and will inform future revisions to FEMA Strategic and Performance Plans. The FEMA Administrator’s Intent for FY 2015-2019 continues to support the 2009 DHS Quadrennial Homeland Security Review mission area five (Ensuring Resilience to Disasters) and advances initiatives in the FY 2011-2014 FEMA Strategic Plan.

FY 2011-2014 Strategic Plan

The FEMA FY 2011-2014 Strategic Plan builds on and expands existing efforts to create a stronger organization, which will contribute to a more capable emergency management community. This document provides the foundation for how the Agency will foster community engagement, establish priorities to stabilize an event, build upon the understanding of risk, and learn from the things FEMA does with the emergency management team. The Strategic Plan builds on the FY 2010 “Administrator's Intent”, which links FEMA's strategic focus to the broader principles of the President's National Security Strategy, Presidential Policy Directive 8, and the Secretary's Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. All of these documents recognize the importance of working as a team to strengthen the Nation's resilience.[1]

[1] Federal Emergency Management Agency, FY 2011 – 2014 FEMA Strategic Plan FEMA P-806.

FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

FEMA is currently in the process of developing its 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. The Plan is designed to serve as a roadmap for the Agency and a useful tool to address long-term challenges. It aims to construct the middle ground between broad, long-term inspirational ideas, and practical/tactical everyday execution. The new FEMA Strategic Plan will acknowledge and institutionalize changes already underway across the Agency while setting future Agency-wide direction and challenging the Agency to achieve.

The Plan is led by Agency senior executive “Priority Champions” and built around five strategic priorities and two strategic imperatives outlined in the Administrator’s Intent, which provide a strategic lens to focus FEMA’s efforts and guide the allocation of resources during the Plan period.

For more information about the Plan and to contribute your ideas, please visit FEMA’s IdeaScale page. You may also view a December 2013 Webinar, conducted by the Priority Champions, which introduced initial drafts of the Plan’s strategic objectives.


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