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The thing that scares me about the "zombie ap...

The thing that scares me about the "zombie appocolypse" is yes we are not going to see the dead rise and start eating people but the thought of bath salt drug users that are sick in the brain and not in there right mined dumping the drug down the drain so they are not caught in possession and infecting millions of people through drinking water and causing flesh eatting humans in every city and town in the USA. Thats my thoughts and people need to wakeup a prepare and stand by your fellow men and women and Federal, State and local Law enforcemnt to keep on top of things like this. I'm sure the Miami Police officer that was called to the incident in Florida were the man was eating the homeless mans face did think once when he put on his uniform he would be placed into that situation. So think about it the homeless man and the people of Miami lived what you could call a drug induced zombie attack. I pray for all of us.
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