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Franklin Adams:

I agree. I'm a Veteran and I cant get a job,...

I agree. <br /><br />I'm a Veteran and I cant get a job, Ive been trying even with my former employer, the Army, for a civilian job but all Ive got is a temporary mulching job. <br /><br />I know how to show up to work, and actually work. And Id love to get into Emergency Management. I know what sacrifice is, and Im not afraid to deploy to a disaster area, Ive been through 8 hurricanes and three Major ones. It doesn't scare me. At least Im not going to get shot at most of the time. <br /><br />I honestly wonder how many college students are going to show up when a deployment happens. I'll bet its lower than 35%. A Veteran will show up, as long as they're committed to it. We've deployed, we know how to do it and we'll work til we drop.
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