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Schedule of Equipment Rates

The rates on this Schedule of Equipment Rates are for applicant-owned equipment in good mechanical condition, complete with all required attachments. Each rate covers all costs eligible under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. § 5121, et seq., for ownership and operation of equipment, including depreciation, overhead, all maintenance, field repairs, fuel, lubricants, tires, OSHA equipment and other costs incidental to operation. Standby equipment costs are not eligible.

Equipment must be in actual operation performing eligible work in order for reimbursement to be eligible. LABOR COSTS OF OPERATOR ARE NOT INCLUDED in the rates and should be approved separately from equipment costs.

Information regarding the use of the Schedule is contained in 44 CFR § 206.228 Allowable Costs. Rates for equipment not listed will be furnished by FEMA upon request. Any appeals shall be in accordance with 44 CFR § 206.206 Appeals.

FEMA Code IDEquipment DescriptionSpecificationsSizeHPNotesUnit2015 Rates
Cost CodeEquipment SpecificationsCapacity or SizeHPNotesUnit2015 Rates
8010Air CompressorAir Delivery41 CFMto 10Hoses included.hour$1.25
8011Air CompressorAir Delivery103 CFMto 30Hoses included.hour$9.00
8012Air CompressorAir Delivery130 CFMto 50Hoses included.hour$11.25
8013Air CompressorAir Delivery175 CFMto 90Hoses included.hour$24.00
8014Air CompressorAir Delivery400 CFMto 145Hoses included.hour$34.00
8015Air CompressorAir Delivery575 CFMto 230Hoses included.hour$57.00
8016Air CompressorAir Delivery1,100 CFMto 355Hoses included.hour$58.50
8017Air CompressorAir Delivery1,600 CFMto 500Hoses included.hour$98.00
8040Ambulance  to 150 hour$32.75
8041Ambulance  to 210 hour$41.50
8050Board, Arrow  to 8Trailer Mounted.hour$3.50
8051Board, Message  to 5Trailer Mounted.hour$8.75
8060Auger, PortableHole Diameter16 Into 6 hour$1.50
8061Auger, PortableHole Diameter18 Into 13 hour$3.75
8062Auger, Tractor MntdMax. Auger Diameter36 Into 13Includes digger, boom and mounting hardware.  Add this rate to tractor rate for total auger and tractor rate.hour$1.45
8063Auger, Truck MntdMax. Auger Size24 Into 100Includes digger, boom and mounting hardware.  Add this rate to tractor rate for total auger and tractor rate.hour$34.25
8064Hydraulic Post Driver    hour$29.90
8065AugerHorizontal Directional Boring Machine  250 X 100  hour$136.50
8066AugerHorizontal Directional Boring Machine 50 X 100  hour$108.75
8067Auger, Directional Boring Machine    hour$31.00
8070Automobile  to 130Transporting people.mile$0.56
8071Automobile  to 130Transporting cargo.hour$14.00
8072Automobile, Police  to 250Patrolling.mile$0.65
8073Automobile, Police  to 250Stationary with engine running.hour$19.75
8075Motorcycle, Police    mile$0.60
8077Automobile - Ford ExpeditionFire Command Center   hour$25.50
8076Automibile - Chevy Trailblazer6 or 8 cl   285 to 300 hour$21.50
8080All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 110cc, 4-Wheel; 20" tyre 6.5-7.5 hour$8.50
8081All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Engine 125cc, 4-Wheel; 21" tyre 7.6-8.6 hour$8.80
8082All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 150cc, 4-Wheel; 22" tyre 9.0-10 hour$9.45
8083All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 200cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre 12-14.0 hour$10.20
8084All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 250cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre 15-17  hour$10.75
8085All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 300cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre 18-20 hour$11.40
8086All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 400cc. 4-Wheel; 25" tyre 26-28 hour$12.50
8087All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 450cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre 26-28 hour$12.75
8088All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 650cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre 38-40 hour$14.30
8089All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 750cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre 44-46 hour$14.75
8110Barge, DeckSize50'x35'x7.25'  hour$31.00
8111Barge, DeckSize50'x35'x9'  hour$39.50
8112Barge, DeckSize120'x45'x10'  hour$67.00
8113Barge, DeckSize160'x45'x11''  hour$85.75
8120Boat, TowSize55'x20'x5'to 870Steel.hour$315.00
8121Boat, TowSize60'x21'x5'to 1050Steel.hour$365.00
8122Boat, TowSize70'x30'x7.5'to 1350Steel.hour$543.50
8123Boat, TowSize120'x34'x8'to 2000Steel.hour$1,014.00
8124Airboat815AGIS Airboat w/spray unit15'x8'400 hour$65.00
8125Airboat815AGIS Airboat w/spray unit15'x8'425 hour$70.00
8126Swamp Buggy2007 FASTENAL Swamp Buggy 360 hour$95.00
8129Compactor -2-Ton Pavement Roller 2 ton   hour$17.50
8130Boat, Row   Heavy duty.hour$1.00
8131Boat, RunaboutSize13'x5'to 50Outboard.hour$16.00
8132Boat, TenderSize14'x7'to 100Inboard with 360 degree drive.hour$26.50
8133Boat, PushSize45'x21'x6'to 435Flat hull.hour$134.25
8134Boat, PushSize54'x21'x6'to 525Flat hull.hour$202.00
8135Boat, PushSize58'x24'x7.5'to 705Flat hull.hour$305.00
8136Boat, PushSize64'x25'x8'to 870Flat hull.hour$348.75
8140Boat, TugLength16 Ftto 100 hour$33.25
8141Boat, TugLength18 Ftto 175 hour$56.50
8142Boat, TugLength26 Ftto 250 hour$77.50
8143Boat, TugLength40 Ftto 380 hour$187.35
8144Boat, TugLength51 Ftto 700 hour$237.25
8147Boat, Inflatable Rescue Raft Zodiac   hour$1.75
8148Boat, Runabout  1544 lbs11 passenger capacity 190-250 hour$68.45
8149Boat, removable engine 2000 Johnson Outboard Motor w 15" shaft 15 hour$3.17
8150Broom, PavementBroom Length72 Into 35 hour$14.50
8151Broom, PavementBroom Length96 Into 100 hour$22.00
8153Broom, Pavement, MntdBroom Length72 Into 18Add Prime Mover cost for total ratehour$6.50
8154Broom, Pavement, PullBroom Length84 Into 20Add Prime Mover cost for total ratehour$11.00
8157Sweeper, Pavement  to 110 hour$54.00
8158Sweeper, Pavement  to 230 hour$83.00
8180Bus  to 150 hour$21.75
8181Bus  to 210 hour$27.50
8182Bus  to 300 hour$32.25
8183Blowergasoline powered Toro Pro Force 27 hour$12.15
8184Back-Pack Blower  to 4.4 hour$1.75
8185Walk-Behind Blower  13 hour$9.50
8187Chainsaw Bar Length 20" 20 In3.0 cu in hour$1.65
8188ChainsawBar Length 20" 20 In5.0 cu in hour$2.65
8189ChainsawBar Length 20" 20 In6.0 cu in hour$3.00
8190Chain SawBar Length16 In  hour$2.00
8191Chain SawBar Length25 In  hour$3.25
8192Chain Saw, PoleBar Size18 In  hour$1.75
8193Skiddermodel 748 E to 173 hour$58.50
8194Skiddermodel 648 G11 to 177 hour$63.00
8195Cutter, BrushCutter Size8 ftto 150 hour$106.00
8196Cutter, BrushCutter Size8 ftto 190 hour$117.00
8197Cutter, BrushCutter Size10 ftto 245 hour$126.50
8198Bruncher CutterCutter, Brush - 247 hp, 1997 Model 511 Feller to 247 hour$154.65
8199Log Trailer40 ft    $12.50
8200Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity6 Into 35Trailer Mounted.hour$8.50
8201Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity9 Into 65Trailer Mounted.hour$18.25
8202Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity12 Into 100Trailer Mounted.hour$25.00
8203Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity15 Into 125Trailer Mounted.hour$35.00
8204Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity18 Into 200Trailer Mounted.hour$52.75
8208Loader - Tractor -  Knuckleboommodel Barko 595 ML  to 173 hour$53.00
8209Loader - Wheelmodel 210 w/ Buck Saw 50 inch Bar to 240 hour$97.00
8210Clamshell & Dragline, Crawler 149,999 lbsto 235Bucket not included in rate.hour$97.00
8211Clamshell & Dragline, Crawler 250,000 lbsto 520Bucket not included in rate.hour$143.00
8212Clamshell & Dragline, Truck  to 240Bucket not included in rate.hour$105.50
8220Compactor  to 10 hour$11.60
8221Compactor, towed, Vibratory Drum  to 45 hour$15.75
8222Compactor, Vibratory, Drum  to 75 hour$28.75
8223Compactor, pneumatic, wheel   to 100 hour$33.75
8225Compactor, Sanitation  to 300 hour$109.25
8226Compactor, Sanitation  to 400 hour$186.45
8227Compactor, Sanitation  535 hour$258.95
8228Compactor, towed,     Pneumatic, Wheel 10,000 lbs Include prime mover ratehour$8.25
8229Compactor, towed, Drum Static 20,000 lbs Include prime mover ratehour$13.25
8240Feeder, Grizzly  to 35 hour$18.25
8241Feeder, Grizzly  to 55 hour$34.00
8242Feeder, Grizzly  to 75 hour$49.00
8250Dozer, Crawler  to 75 hour$41.00
8251Dozer, Crawler  to 105 hour$45.50
8252Dozer, Crawler  to 160 hour$72.50
8253Dozer, Crawler  to 250 hour$77.25
8254Dozer, Crawler  to 360 hour$164.85
8255Dozer, Crawler  to 565 hour$285.85
8256Dozer, Crawler  to 850 hour$370.25
8260Dozer, Wheel  to 300 hour$75.50
8261Dozer, Wheel  to 400 hour$123.50
8262Dozer, Wheel  to 500 hour$174.00
8269Box Scraper3 hitch attach for tractor; 2007 Befco    hour$3.35
8270Bucket, ClamshellCapacity1.0 CY Includes teeth. Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$3.75
8271Bucket, ClamshellCapacity2.5 CY Includes teeth. Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$7.25
8272Bucket, ClamshellCapacity5.0 CY Includes teeth. Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$8.50
8273Bucket, ClamshellCapacity7.5 CY Includes teeth. Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$15.50
8275Bucket, DraglineCapacity2.0 CY Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$3.00
8276Bucket, DraglineCapacity5.0 CY Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$7.00
8277Bucket, DraglineCapacity10 CY Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$11.00
8278Bucket, DraglineCapacity14 CY Does not include Clamshell & Draglinehour$14.00
8280Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 45Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$20.00
8281Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity1.0 CYto 90Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$43.00
8282Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity1.5 CYto 160Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$72.00
8283Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity2.5 CYto 265Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$128.50
8284Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity4.5 CYto 420Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$228.00
8285Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity7.5 CYto 650Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$263.25
8286Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity12 CYto 1000Crawler, Truck & Wheel. Includes bucket.hour$452.50
8287Excavator2007 model Gradall XL3100 III  184 hour$66.00
8288Excavator 2003 model Gradall XL4100 III 238 hour$75.00
8289Excavator 2006 model Gradall XL5100  230 hour$86.00
8290Trowel, ConcreteDiameter48 Into 12 hour$5.00
8300Fork LiftCapacity6,000 Lbsto 60 hour$13.50
8301Fork LiftCapacity12,000 Lbsto 90 hour$21.50
8302Fork LiftCapacity18,000 Lbsto 140 hour$27.00
8303Fork LiftCapacity50,000 Lbsto 215 hour$57.50
8306Fork Lift  Material handler Diesel, CAT TH360B 6,600-11,500 gvwr lbs99.9 hour$33.75
8307Fork Lift Material handlerDiesel, CAT TH460B 99.9 hour$35.25
8308Fork Lift Material handler  Diesel, CAT TH560B 99.9 hour$43.60
8309Fork Lift Accessory  2003 ACS Paddle Fork   hour$2.50
8310GeneratorPrime Output5.5 KWto 10 hour$4.00
8311GeneratorPrime Output16 KWto 25 hour$11.25
8312GeneratorPrime Output43 KWto 65 hour$20.00
8313GeneratorPrime Output100 KWto 125 hour$38.00
8314GeneratorPrime Output150 KWto 240 hour$63.00
8315GeneratorPrime Output210 KWto 300 hour$82.75
8316GeneratorPrime Output280 KWto 400 hour$108.25
8317GeneratorPrime Output350 KWto 500 hour$119.00
8318GeneratorPrime Output530 KWto 750 hour$205.60
8319GeneratorPrime Output710 KWto 1000 hour$254.75
8320GeneratorPrime Output1,100 KWto 2500Openhour$411.50
8321GeneratorPrime Output2,500 KWto 3000 hour$612.25
8322GeneratorPrime Output1,000 KWto 1645Enclosedhour$413.00
8323GeneratorPrime Output1,500 KWto 2500Enclosedhour$578.70
8324GeneratorPrime Output1,100 KWto 2500Enclosedhour$446.50
8325Generator  Prime Output40 KW60 hour$20.00
8326GeneratorPrime Output20 KW40 hour$10.50
8330GradersMoldboard Size10 Ftto 110Includes Rigid and Articulate equipment.hour$40.50
8331GradersMoldboard Size12 Ftto 150Includes Rigid and Articulate equipment.hour$54.50
8332GradersMoldboard Size14 Ftto 225Includes Rigid and Articulate equipment.hour$84.00
8350Hose, DischargeDiameter3 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.20
8351Hose, DischargeDiameter4 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.35
8352Hose, DischargeDiameter6 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.75
8353Hose, DischargeDiameter8 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$1.00
8354Hose, DischargeDiameter12 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$1.35
8355Hose, DischargeDiameter16 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$2.20
8356Hose, SuctionDiameter3 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.25
8357Hose, SuctionDiameter4 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.46
8358Hose, SuctionDiameter6 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$0.95
8359Hose, SuctionDiameter8 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$1.30
8360Hose, SuctionDiameter12 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$2.35
8361Hose, SuctionDiameter16 In Per 25 foot length. Includes couplings.hour$3.35
8380Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 32Includes bucket.hour$13.00
8381Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity1 CYto 60Includes bucket.hour$23.50
8382Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity2 CYto 118Includes bucket.hour$49.00
8383Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity3 CYto 178Includes bucket.hour$87.25
8384Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity4 CYto 238Includes bucket.hour$128.75
8390Loader, WheelBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 38 hour$18.00
8391Loader, WheelBucket Capacity1 CYto 60 hour$24.25
8392Loader, WheelBucket Capacity2 CYto 105 hour$34.50
8393Loader, WheelBucket Capacity3 CYto 152 hour$44.00
8394Loader, WheelBucket Capacity4 CYto 200 hour$60.25
8395Loader, WheelBucket Capacity5 CYto 250 hour$74.50
8396Loader, WheelBucket Capacity6 CYto 305 hour$98.25
8397Loader, WheelBucket Capacity7 CYto 360 hour$108.00
8398Loader, WheelBucket Capacity8 CYto 530 hour$167.75
8401Loader, Tractor, Wheel  to 81 hour$26.25
8410Mixer, Concrete PortableBatching Capacity10 Cft  hour$3.60
8411Mixer, Concrete PortableBatching Capacity12 Cft  hour$5.00
8412Mixer, Concrete, Trailer MntdBatching Capacity11 Cftto 10 hour$9.50
8413Mixer, Concrete, Trailer MntdBatching Capacity16 Cftto 25 hour$17.00
8419Breaker, Pavement Hand-HeldWeight25~90 Lbs  hour$0.70
8420Breaker, Pavement  to 70 hour$35.75
8423Spreader, ChipSpread Hopper Width12.5 Ftto 152 hour$58.00
8424Spreader, ChipSpread Hopper Width16.5 Ftto 215 hour$92.50
8425Spreader, Chip, MntdHopper Size8 Ftto 8Trailer & truck mounted.hour$3.37
8430Paver, Asphalt, Towed   Does not include Prime Mover.hour$8.00
8431Paver, Asphalt  to 50Includes wheel and crawler equipment.hour$50.00
8432Paver, Asphalt  to 125Includes wheel and crawler equipment.hour$135.00
8433Paver, Asphalt  to 175Includes wheel and crawler equipment.hour$114.00
8434Paver, Asphalt  to 250Includes wheel and crawler equipment.hour$147.75
8436Pick-up, Asphalt  to 110 hour$55.25
8437Pick-up, Asphalt  to 150 hour$89.00
8438Pick-up, Asphalt  to 200 hour$120.00
8439Pick-up, Asphalt  to 275 hour$145.75
8440StriperPaint Capacity40 Galto 22 hour$9.25
8441StriperPaint Capacity90 Galto 60 hour$20.50
8442StriperPaint Capacity120 Galto 122 hour$39.75
8445Striper, Truck MntdPaint Capacity120 Galto 460 hour$79.50
8446Striper, Walk-behindPaint Capacity12 Gal  hour$3.65
8447Paver accessory -Belt Extension2002 Leeboy  crawlerhour$26.60
8450Plow, Snow, Grader MntdWidthto 10 Ft Include Grader for total costhour$16.75
8451Plow, Snow, Grader MntdWidthto 14 Ft Include Grader for total costhour$24.00
8452Plow, Truck MntdWidthto 15 Ft Include truck for total costhour$11.75
8453Plow, Truck MntdWidthto 15 Ft With leveling wing. Include truck for total costhour$19.75
8455Spreader, SandMountingTailgate, Chassis  hour$3.75
8456Spreader, SandMountingDump Body  hour$5.90
8457Spreader, SandMountingTruck (10yd)  hour$7.90
8458Spreader, ChemicalCapacity5 CYto 4Trailer & truck mounted.hour$4.25
8469Pump -  Trash Pump10 MTC2" Pumpto 710,000 gphhour$4.80
8470Pump  to 4Hoses not included.hour$2.65
8471Pump  to 6Hoses not included.hour$3.20
8472Pump  to 10Hoses not included.hour$4.40
8473Pump  to 15Hoses not included.hour$8.00
8474Pump  to 25Hoses not included.hour$9.70
8475Pump  to 40Hoses not included.hour$18.50
8476Pump  to 60Hoses not included.hour$22.00
8477Pump  to 95Hoses not included.hour$34.00
8478Pump  to 140Hoses not included.hour$35.75
8479Pump  to 200Hoses not included.hour$42.00
8480Pump  to 275Does not include Hoses.hour$77.00
8481Pump  to 350Does not include Hoses.Dieselhour$98.00
8482Pump  to 425Does not include Hoses.hour$120.00
8483Pump  to 500Does not include Hoses.hour$140.00
8484Pump  to 575Does not include Hoses.hour$162.00
8485Pump  to 650Does not include Hoses.hour$183.00
8486Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height40 Ft Articulated and Telescoping.  Add this rate to truck rate for total lift and truck ratehour$7.00
8487Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height61 Ft Articulated and Telescoping.  Add this rate to truck rate for total lift and truck ratehour$12.00
8488Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height80 Ft Articulated and Telescoping.  Add this rate to truck rate for total lift and truck ratehour$23.50
8489Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height100 Ft Articulated and Telescoping.  Add this rate to truck rate for total lift and truck ratehour$34.50
8490Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height37 Ftto 15Articulated, Telescoping, Scissor.hour$9.00
8491Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height60 Ftto 30Articulated, Telescoping, Scissor.hour$12.80
8492Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height70 Ftto 50Articulated, Telescoping, Scissor.hour$18.75
8493Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height125 Ftto 85Articulated and Telescoping.hour$59.50
8494Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height150 Ftto 130Articulated and Telescoping.hour$78.00
8495I.C. Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height - 40 Ft75"x155"to 802000 Lbs Capacityhour$24.50
8496Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity24,000 Lbs Include truck rate for total costhour$10.75
8497Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity36,000 Lbs Include truck rate for total costhour$17.00
8498Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity60,000 Lbs Include truck rate for total costhour$31.50
8500CraneMax. Lift Capacity8 MTto 80 hour$31.25
8501CraneMax. Lift Capacity15 MTto 150 hour$63.50
8502CraneMax. Lift Capacity50 MTto 200 hour$98.00
8503CraneMax. Lift Capacity70 MTto 300 hour$169.00
8504CraneMax. Lift Capacity110 MTto 350 hour$222.25
8510Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter14 Into 14 hour$8.50
8511Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter26 Into 35 hour$16.00
8512Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter48 Into 65 hour$26.75
8513Saw, Rock  to 100 hour$25.25
8514Saw, Rock  to 200 hour$69.75
8517Jackhammer (Dry)Weight Class25-45 Lbs  hour$1.25
8518Jackhammer (Wet)Weight Class30-55 Lbs  hour$1.45
8521ScraperScraper Capacity16 CYto 250 hour$106.50
8522ScraperScraper Capacity23 CYto 365 hour$163.50
8523ScraperScraper Capacity34 CYto 475 hour$246.00
8524ScraperScraper Capacity44 CYto 600 hour$257.00
8540Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity1000 Lbsto 35 hour$12.50
8541Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity2000 Lbsto 65 hour$22.50
8542Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity3000 Lbsto 85 hour$26.50
8550Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity600 Tphto 75Does not include truckhour$38.50
8551Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity1400 Tphto 200Does not include truckhour$72.25
8552Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity2000 Tphto 340Does not include truckhour$111.50
8553Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity2500 Tphto 400Does not include truckhour$124.00
8558Snow Thrower, Walk BehindCutting Width25 into 5 hour$3.25
8559Snow Thrower, Walk BehindCutting Width60 into 15 hour$7.15
8560Snow BlowerCapacity2,000 Tphto 400 hour$152.00
8561Snow BlowerCapacity2,500 Tphto 500 hour$172.00
8562Snow BlowerCapacity3,500 Tphto 600 hour$197.00
8569Dust Control De-Ice Unit1300-2000 gal173"Lx98"Wx51"H5.5Hydro Pump w/100' 1/2" hosehour $4.84
8570Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity0.5 CYto 40Loader and Backhoe Buckets included.hour$16.00
8571Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1 CYto 70Loader and Backhoe Buckets included.hour$27.25
8572Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1.5 CYto 95Loader and Backhoe Buckets included.hour$37.00
8573Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1.75 CYto 115Loader and Backhoe Buckets included.hour$43.75
8580Distributor,  AsphaltTank Capacity500 Gal Trailer Mounted. Includes burners, insulated tank, and circulating spray bar.hour$13.25
8581Distributor,  AsphaltTank Capacity1000 Gal Truck Mounted. Includes burners, insulated tank, and circulating spray bar.  Include truck rate.hour$21.25
8582Distributor,  AsphaltTank Capacity4000 Gal Truck Mounted. Includes burners, insulated tank, and circulating spray bar.  Include truck rate.hour$26.25
8583DistributorETNYRE Oil Distributor Model - PB348 300 hour$59.50
8584Distributor  ETNYRE Quad Chip Spreader 280 hour$70.00
8590Trailer, DumpCapacity20 CY Does not include Prime Mover.hour$9.00
8591Trailer, DumpCapacity30 CY Does not include Prime Mover.hour$15.50
8600Trailer, EquipmentCapacity30 Tons  hour$11.25
8601Trailer, EquipmentCapacity40 Tons  hour$14.00
8602Trailer, EquipmentCapacity60 Tons  hour$17.00
8603Trailer, EquipmentCapacity120 Tons  hour$31.00
8610Trailer, WaterTank Capacity4000 Gal Includes a centrifugal pump with sump and a rear spraybar.hour$12.25
8611Trailer, WaterTank Capacity6000 Gal Includes a centrifugal pump with sump and a rear spraybar.hour$15.00
8612Trailer, WaterTank Capacity10000 Gal Includes a centrifugal pump with sump and a rear spraybar.hour$18.00
8613Trailer, WaterTank Capacity14000 Gal Includes a centrifugal pump with sump and a rear spraybar.hour$22.75
8614Truck- Water Tanker  1000 gal. tank 175 hour$35.90
8620Tub Grinder  to 440 hour$103.00
8621Tub Grinder  to 630 hour$158.75
8622Tub Grinder  to 760 hour$203.75
8623Tub Grinder  to 1000 hour$305.81
8627Vermeer Horizontal Grinder  model HG6000 630Chain Craw hour$457.00
8628Stump Grinder 1988 Vermeer SC-112 102 hour$41.50
8629Stump Grinder24" grinding wheel 110 hour$43.90
8630Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity750 Galto 30Trailer & truck mounted.  Does not include Prime Mover.hour$10.75
8631Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity1250 Galto 50Trailer & truck mounted.  Does not include Prime Mover.hour$16.50
8632Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity3500 Galto 115Trailer & truck mounted.  Does not include Prime Mover.hour$29.00
8633Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity7 TPHto 35 hour$11.75
8634Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity10 TPHto 55 hour$18.00
8635Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity20 TPHto 120 hour$29.25
8636Scraper  Soil Recycler WR 2400w 317 gal fuel tank563 hour$206.25
8637Trailer Double Belly Bottom-dump Trailer 350-400 hour$82.90
8638Rake Barber Beach Sand Rake 600HDr, towed   hour$14.00
8639Chipper    Wildcat 626 Cougar Trommel Screen chipper w belt 125 hour$44.20
8640Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size8' x 24'  hour$1.95
8641Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size8' x 32'  hour$2.25
8642Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size10' x 32'  hour$2.85
8643Trailer Haz-Mat Equipment trailer       hour$37.50
8644Trailer, Covered Utility Trailer (7’ X  16’)7' x 16'  hour$2.76
8645Trailer, Dodge Ram 8' x 24' shower trailer- 12 showers   hour$32.60
8646Trailer, Dodge 32’ flatbed water    hour$25.50
8650Trencher  to 40Walk-behind, Crawler & Wheel Mounted. Chain and Wheel.hour$12.75
8651Trencher  to 85Walk-behind, Crawler & Wheel Mounted. Chain and Wheel.hour$27.65
8654Trencher accessories 2008 Griswold Trenchbox   hour$1.20
8660Plow, CablePlow Depth24 into 30 hour$11.85
8661Plow, CablePlow Depth36 into 65 hour$31.50
8662Plow, CablePlow Depth48 into 110 hour$36.50
8670Derrick, Hydraulic DiggerMax. Boom Length60 Ft Includes hydraulic pole alignment attachment.  Include truck ratehour$22.65
8671Derrick, Hydraulic DiggerMax. Boom Length90 Ft Includes hydraulic pole alignment attachment.  Include truck ratehour$41.00
8680Truck, Concrete MixerMixer Capacity13 CYto 300 hour$93.00
8684Truck, Fire 100 Ft Ladder100Ft  hour$140.81
8690Truck, FirePump Capacity1000 GPM  hour$80.00
8691Truck, FirePump Capacity1250 GPM  hour$85.00
8692Truck, FirePump Capacity1500 GPM  hour$91.00
8693Truck, FirePump Capacity2000 GPM  hour$93.50
8694Truck, Fire LadderLadder length75 FT  hour$135.25
8695Truck, Fire LadderLadder length150 FT  hour$160.00
8696Truck, FireNo Ladder 330Rescure Equipmenthour$42.00
8700Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw15000 Lbsto 200 hour$24.25
8701Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw25000 Lbsto 275 hour$26.00
8702Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw30000 Lbsto 300 hour$30.75
8703Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw45000 Lbsto 380 hour$51.75
8708Trailer, semi 48ft to 53ft, Flat-bed or Enclosed, freight, two axle50,000+ gvwr  hour$15.00
8709Trailer, semi Real dump21 CY  hour$11.76
8710Trailer, semi  28ft, single axle, freight25,000 gvwr  hour$11.50
8711Flat bed utility trailer6 ton   hour$3.00
8712Cleaner, Sewer/Catch BasinHopper Capacity5 CY Truck Mounted.hour$17.00
8713Cleaner, Sewer/Catch BasinHopper Capacity14 CY Truck Mounted.hour$22.50
8714Vactor (Mud Dog)Industrial Hydro Excavator 450 hour$86.50
8715Truck, Hydro VacModel LP555DT   hour$28.69
8716Leaf Vac  Tow by Truck 22,000 cfm capacity 85 hour$23.75
8717Truck, Vacuum 60,000 GVW 400 hour$74.20
8719Litter Pickermodel 2007 Barber including Tractor  towed by tractorhour$12.25
8720Truck, DumpStruck Capacity8 CYto 220 hour$42.25
8721Truck, DumpStruck Capacity10 CYto 320 hour$56.50
8722Truck, DumpStruck Capacity12 CYto 400 hour$71.50
8725Truck, DumpStruck Capacity14 CYto 400 hour$75.00
8723Truck, DumpStruck Capacity18 CYto 400 hour$77.25
8724Truck, Dump, Off HighwayStruck Capacity28 CYto 450 hour$128.00
8730Truck, GarbageCapacity25 CYto 255 hour$53.00
8731Truck, GarbageCapacity32 CYto 325 hour$61.00
8733E-BAM ServicesEnviroental Beta Attenuation Air Monitor  Powered by Solar Systemhour$4.05
8734Attenuator, safety  that can stop a vehicle at 60 mph   hour$5.25
8735Truck, Attenuator  2004 Truck Mounted for 60 mph   hour$4.75
8736Truck, tow 1987 Chevy Kodiak 70 175 hour$27.70
8744Van, Custom Special Service Canteen Truck 350 hour$26.70
8745Van, step   model MT10FD   300 hour$22.06
8746Van-up to 15 passenger light duty, class 1 225-300 hour$42.27
8747Van-up to 15 passenger   light duty, class 2 225-300 hour$42.33
8748Van-cargo  light duty, class 1  225 - 300  hour$42.27
8749Van-cargo   light duty, class 2 225-300 hour$42.33
8750Vehicle, Small  to 30 hour$7.25
8753Vehicle, Recreational  to 10 hour$3.25
8755Golf CartCapacity2 person  hour$3.70
8761Vibrator, Concrete  to 4 hour$1.20
8770Welder, Portable  to 16Includes ground cable and lead cable.hour$5.85
8771Welder, Portable  to 34Includes ground cable and lead cable.hour$13.75
8772Welder, Portable  to 50Includes ground cable and lead cable.hour$17.85
8773Welder, Portable  to 80Includes ground cable and lead cable.hour$18.10
8780Truck, WaterTank Capacity2500 Galto 175Include pump and rear spray system.hour$36.75
8781Truck, WaterTank Capacity4000 Galto 250Include pump and rear spray system.hour$51.25
8788Dumpster & Roll off truck30 yds Dumpster  Each removal & DumpingEA$118.00
8789Truck, Tractor 1997 Freightliner F120 430 hour$66.00
8790Truck, Tractor4 x 225000 lbsto 210 hour$32.00
8791Truck, Tractor4 x 235000 lbsto 330 hour$53.75
8792Truck, Tractor6 x 245000 lbsto 360 hour$62.00
8794Truck, freightenclosed w/lift gate. Medium duty class 5gvwr 16000-19500 Lbs  hour$33.70
8795Truck, backhoe carrier three axle, class 8, heavy dutyover 33000Lbs  hour$41.00
8796Truck, freight enclosed w/lift gate. Heavy duty, class 7, 26,001 to 33,000 lbs gvwr  hour$36.75
8798Truck tilt and roll-back, two axle, class 7 heavy duty, to 33,000 gvwr   hour$47.70
8799Truck, tilt and roll back, three axle. class 8 heavy dutyover 33,001+ gvwr  hour$57.70
8800Truck, Pickup   When transporting people.mile$0.56
8801Truck, Pickup ½ ton191 hour$19.45
8802Truck, Pickup 1 ton340 hour$26.00
8803Truck, Pickup 1¼ ton360 hour$26.77
8804Truck, Pickup 1½ ton300 hour$29.75
8805Truck, Pickup 1¾ ton362 hour$35.88
8806Truck, Pickup 3/4-ton Pickup Truck    hour$16.00
8820Skidder accessory  2005 JCB Grapple Claw   hour$2.75
8821Forklift, accessory 2005 ACS Grapple Bucket   hour$2.50
8822Truck,  Loader Debris/Log  (Knuckleboom Loader/Truck) 230 hour$54.25
8823Chipper- Wood Recycler Cat 16 engine 700 hour$129.22
8824Skiddermodel Cat 525B up to 160 hour$74.75
8825Skidder40K lbs- model Cat  525C 161 and up hour$88.50
8840Truck, service  up to 26,000 gvwr215-225Field Maintenance Serviceshour$31.50
8841Truck, fuel2009 International 1,800 gal. storage tank 200 hour$39.00
8842Mobile Command Trailer (8’ X 28’) with 7.5 KW Generator28' X 8'  hour$6.70
8843Mobile Response Trailer (8’ X 31’) with 4.5 KW Generator?   hour$6.00
8844Mobile Command Center(unified) (RV) Ulitimaster MP-35 43 Ft Long w/Generator 400 hour$42.00
8845Mobile Command Post Vehicle   (RV) (In- Motion) 22-Ft Long340 hour$31.00
8846Mobile Command Post Vehicle  (RV) (Stationary)  w/9.6 KW Generator22-Ft Long340 hour$16.11
8847Mobile Command Center (Trailer) 48'x8'   hour$3.86
8848Mobile Command Center (Trailer)    48'x8' When being Moved w/Truck Tractor48' x 8'310 hour$48.86
8849Mobile Command Center 43'x8.5' x 13.5'H with self 30kw Generator43  hour$53.86
8850Mobile Command Center  2007-Freightliner MT-55, (RV) 260 hour$45.00
8851Mobile Command Van   1990- Ford Econoline- Communication Van 230 hour$39.75
8852Mobile Command Center  47.5' X 8.75 Fully Equip' (In motion) (RV) 410 hour$83.38
8853Mobile Command Center 47.5' X 8.75 Fully Equip' (Stationary) 410 hour$37.92
8854Mobile Command Vehicle  Fully Equip RV in Motion53' X 8.75' 480-550 hour$95.00
8870Light Tower Terex/Amida AL 4000.  with (4) 500 watt lights w/10kw power unit   13.5 hour$6.50
8871Light Tower  2004 Allmand   hour$4.50
8872SandBagger Machine    (Spider) automatic 4.5 hour$48.75
8900Helicopter  OH58 KIOWA (Military) is the same as “Bell-206B3 420 hour$541.00
8901Helicopter  OH58 KIOWA (Military) is the same as “Bell-206BR 420 hour$568.00
8902Helicopter model Bell 206L3 Jet Range Helicopter   hour$745.00
8903Helicopter model Bell 206L1 Long Range   hour$720.00
8904Helicopter model Bell 206LT Long Range Twinranger   hour$950.00
8905Helicopter model Bell 407 EMS- Ambulance   hour$755.00
8906Fixed wing model Navajo PA31  310 hour$568.00
8907Fixed wing Navajo Chieftn twin engine 350 hour$611.00
8908Sikorsky Helicopter model UH-60 (Blackhawk) medium lift  1890Sams as S-70C Fire Fighting Helicopterhour$3,063.00
8909Sikorsky Helicoptermodel UH-A (Blackhawk) medium lift 1890Fire Fighting Helicopterhour$5,420.00
8910Helicoptermodel CH-47 (Chinook) heavy lift 2850Fire Fighting Helicopterhour$10,750.00
8911Helicopter- light utility model  Bell 407 - 7 seater 814 hour$722.00
8912Helicopter- light utility modle Bell 206L- 7 seater 814 hour$678.35
8913Helicopter  model BellOH58 KIOWA Mil= Bell-206 420 hour$445.00
8914HelicopterBlackhawk King Air B200XP61   hour$1,639.00
8915Cessna HelicopterBlackhawk Caravan XP42 A 850 hour$857.00
8916Beechcraft HelicopterBlackhawk King Air C90 XP135 A   hour$1,272.00
8917Aerostar HelicopterAerostar 601P 290 hour$557.00
8943Wire Puller (Machine)Overhead Wire Pulling Machine 30Overhead/underdround Wire Pulling Machinehour$12.00
8944Wire Tensioning Machine 3000 Lbs   Overhead Wire tensioning Machinehour$18.00



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