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What is a Reservist?

Reservists work on an on-call, on and off basis.  They are the main FEMA workforce during an emergency or disaster.  Reservists significantly help FEMA accomplish its mission.

Selection: Reservist employees are hired under the Robert T. Stafford Act, they are excluded from the provisions of title 5, United States Code, governing jobs in the competitive service.

Reservist employees can be hired under a streamlined process instead of a competitive process.

How Do Reservists Differ from Permanent Employees?

Duration: Reservists are appointed for a two-year period.  They are not guaranteed employment or renewal of employment.

Work opportunities are limited because of the irregular nature of disasters. Reservists should consider the Reservist Program an on and off job.

Career Tenure and Competitive Status: Reservists do not earn career tenure or competitive status in the Federal government.   This means that they must compete with the public for Federal jobs rather than receive preference.

How do I apply for Reservist Jobs?

Additional Information about Reservists

To learn more, please review the below additional resources on the Reservist Program.


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