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Plaquemines Parish

At the southernmost tip of Louisiana, Plaquemines Parish endured the full brunt of Hurricane Katrina when the storm came ashore along its coast, marking the first chapter of what would become the worst natural disaster in American history. Still, the unwelcomed visitor was unaware of Plaquemines’ own history – one of courageousness, willpower and longevity in the face of natural calamities. Similar to its resilient past, the Plaquemines’ community did not concede to the hardships it was dealt, but instead opted to boldly shape its own future – transforming its account of Katrina from a saga of devastation to a legacy of hope and permanence.

Eight years following Katrina’s landfall, Plaquemines Parish is thriving, looking forward to completing its recovery from Katrina and Rita. To date, FEMA has provided nearly $793.3 million in funding to rebuild or repair projects throughout the parish. Browse through the photos below to gain a visual idea of Plaquemines’ growth and progress.

Recovery Photos

Belle Chasse Middle SchoolBelle Chasse, La, May 02, 2011 -- Port Sulphur Middle School was rebuilt as a wing to the existing Belle Chasse Middle School. The project was funded by FEMA at a cost of $1 million. Manuel Broussard/FEMA. Plaquemines School Board Faculty Housing facilityBuras, La, February 26, 2011 – FEMA provided $8 million to fund the replacement of the Plaquemines School Board Faculty Housing facility following Hurricane Katrina. Manuel Broussard/FEMA.

Buras Auditorium Buras, La, May 15, 2013 --The Buras Auditorium was damaged by a 15 foot storm surge and 9 feet of residual floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina. To date, FEMA has funded $5 million for repairs to the auditorium, which is used for stage shows and performances, parish meetings, weddings and parties. Manuel Broussard/FEMA. Rev. Percy M. Griffin Community CenterDavant, La, May 15, 2013 – Ten community centers were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in Plaquemines Parish. The Rev. Percy M. Griffin Community Center, utilizing $8.4 million in FEMA funding, was the first of four Community Centers to rebuild in Plaquemines Parish. Manuel Broussard/FEMA.

Buras Community CenterBuras, La, April 12, 2009 -- FEMA contributed $7.9 million to rebuild the Buras Community Center, which was destroyed as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Manuel Broussard/FEMA. Buras Public LibraryBuras, La, May 15, 2013 – The Buras Public Library was provided with $4.7 million from FEMA to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina. Manuel Broussard/FEMA.

Port Sulphur Community Center Port Sulphur, La, August 31, 2013 – The Port Sulphur Community Center was rebuilt following Hurricane Katrina utilizing $7.4 million in FEMA recovery funding. The new facility combines services provided by the Civic Center and the Medical Center. Manuel Broussard/FEMA. South Transportation Facility Buras, La, May 29, 2010 – The South Transportation Facility is an elevated structure with amenities for training and administration as well as servicing the parish’s school buses and other vehicles. It was funded with $2.7 million from FEMA following Hurricane Katrina. Manuel Broussard/FEMA

Plaquemines Parish School Board Learning CenterPort Sulphur, La, May 14, 2013 – FEMA provided $13.9 million to replace the Plaquemines Parish School Board Learning Center. Manuel Broussard/FEMA. Buras Volunteer Fire Department Buras, La, May 15, 2013 – The Buras Volunteer Fire Department was provided with $4.7 from FEMA to rebuild following Hurricane Katrina. Manuel Broussard/FEMA.

Bootheville-Venice Fire StationPlaquemines Parish, La, April 1, 2009 -- Hurricane Katrina destroyed fire stations and firefighting equipment across Plaquemines Parish. FEMA grants provided the parish with the needed funding to rebuild fire stations, such as the Bootheville-Venice Fire Station, and to purchase new fire trucks to replace those destroyed. Manuel Broussard/FEMA.

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