Remembering Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Eight Years Later - Calcasieu Parish

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Calcasieu Parish

Home to the city of Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish felt the devastating effects of Rita’s winds, rain and flooding shortly after Cameron Parish. Widespread damages resulted in major restoration efforts, with FEMA providing $122.1 million for rebuilding government and nonprofit organizations’ buildings, as well as roads, bridges and water and sewer plants. Below you’ll find a sampling of photos highlighting completed projects in Calcasieu Parish.

Recovery Photos

Southland Field West Calcasieu AirportSulphur, La., July 21, 2013 -- Following Hurricane Rita, FEMA aided the return of West Calcasieu Airport (Southland Field) in Sulphur, La., with more than $305,000 in federal funding. Lillie Long/FEMADownload Original Chennault International Airport AuthorityLake Charles, La., July 21, 2013 -- The Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles rebounded from Hurricane Rita with more than $12.9 million in FEMA funding. Lillie Long/FEMADownload Original

Lake Charles Fire DepartmentLake Charles, La., July 21, 2013 -- To aid in bringing back critical emergency services following Hurricane Rita, FEMA funded $43,860 for damages at the Lake Charles Fire Department. Lillie Long/FEMADownload OriginalLake Charles Regional AirportLake Charles, La., July 21, 2013 -- To date, FEMA has funded $882,453 for Hurricane Rita damages at the Lake Charles Regional Airport. Lillie Long/FEMADownload Original

Fairview Elementary SchoolLake Charles, La., July 21, 2013 -- Fairview Elementary School received $498,183 from FEMA to rebuild following Hurricane Rita's damages. The school is part of the Calcasieu Parish School Board, for which FEMA has provided nearly $14 million for Rita damages to schools and buildings under its purview. Lillie Long/FEMADownload Original

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