Regional Interagency Steering Committee and Regional Advisory Council

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Schedules for Regional Interagency Steering Committees and Regional Advisory Council

The Regional Advisory Council works to advise the Regional Administrator on emergency management issues specific to that region, identify any geographic, demographic, or other characteristics peculiar to any State, local, or tribal government within the region that might make preparedness, protection, response, recovery, or mitigation more complicated or difficult, and advise the Regional Administrator of any weaknesses or deficiencies in preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation for any State, local, and tribal government within the region of which the Regional Advisory Council is aware. (Section 507 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as amended by the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act)

The Regional Interagency Steering Committee is the senior level entity that coordinates responsibilities, resolves operational and preparedness issues relating to the interagency response and recovery activities at the Federal Regional level, and provides planning guidance and oversight for the development of interagency response and recovery focused plans and activities.



RISC Dates

 RAC Dates


July 18 (Conference Call)


November 27-28 (New York, NY); Febraury 26-27 (Puerto Rico)

November 19 (New York, NY); February 28 (Puerto Rico)


November 14-15 (Philadelphia, PA)

November 15 (Philadelphia, PA)



July 24-25 (Chicago, IL); October 23-24 (Chicago, IL)


 July 17-18 (Addison, TX)

 July 25 (Denton, TX)



July 18-19 (Denver, CO); November 7-8 (Denver, CO)


August 1 (Sacramento, CA); October 3 (Oakland, CA); December 4 (Oakland, CA)


 July 10-11 (Anchorage, AL); October 23-24 (Bothell, WA); January 15-16 (Portland, OR)

 TENTATIVE October 25 (Bothell)



















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