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November 8, 2011

FY 12 Operating Plan Review

  • Align FEMA strategic plan with operating plan

  • Regional plans now link with each HQ component

    • FY12 – to include internal regional readiness in addition to planning, outreach, and grants from FY11 plan

      • Readiness includes – COOP, RRCC duties, etc

      • High level activities included:

        • Open to amending and discussing RAC member issues or items for the Operating Plan

        • Sub-committee on the RAC – more face to face meetings with State Directors

        • Support PPD 8 – implement and support at the State level

  • Region III is piloting the regionalization of the Homeland Security Grant Program

  • Improve RIII’s readiness to respond to incidents

    • Deployed about half of the regional staff during Irene and Lee (65 out of 140)

    • By early February everyone in the office will be deployed at least two weeks

  • National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) – will kick off rollout meetings in central PA –January 2012

  • 2012 Private Sector Conference in RIII – Target is March


    • HQ is working on THIRA guidance for the States, the Regions pushed back on draft document in late October. Updated version has not been shared at this time. HQ is targeting end of calendar year or early January 2012 to finalize THIRA guidance for States


Access and Functional Needs Guide for Shelters Presentation and Discussion

  • Guidance from FEMA HQ issued about a year ago

    • Identify methods for achieving a lawful and equitable program through the delivery of Functional Needs Support services for children and adults

    • Many stakeholders (States, FEMA Regions, American Red Cross, etc) participated in the workgroup which developed the guidance, however localities were not represented

  • DOJ Project Civic Access – partner with the State and local governments

    • Identify several localities and do a comprehensive ADA assessment

    • Make findings and roll them into a settlement and negotiate a resolution

    • PCA toolkit look at Chapter 7 for Emergency Management

  • RAC members had concerns regarding the potential of DOJ lawsuits based on issues out of their control, i.e. sheltering at local schools that were deemed not ADA compliant

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