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Regional Advisory Council & Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group

The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006, which was signed into law by President Bush on October 4, 2006, called for a major transformation of FEMA. On the regional level, two new entities were implemented to enhance communications and preparedness for future disasters: the Regional Advisory Council and the Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group.

Regional Advisory Council


Region III’s Regional Advisory Council


Established in 2007, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) advises the Regional Administrator on emergency management issues specific to the region. The Council ensures effective and ongoing coordination of activities involving federal preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation for natural and manmade disasters. Members serve staggered lengths, with the maximum being three years.

Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group

The Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group (RECCWG) serves as the single, regional coordination point for emergency communications preparedness, response, and recovery for federal, state, and local governments within Region III. This group also provides tactical disaster emergency communications capabilities to support all-hazards disaster response and recovery and national security emergency requirements in the Region and among other regions as needed.

The RECCWG reports to the Regional Administrator and is led by the Disaster Emergency Communications Coordinator.

Regional Interagency Steering Committee

The Regional Interagency Steering Committee is the senior level entity that coordinates responsibilities, resolves operational and preparedness issues relating to the interagency response and recovery activities at the Federal Regional level, and provides planning guidance and oversight for the development of interagency response and recovery focused plans and activities.

May 23rd, 2013 Virtual RISC Meeting:

April 23rd, 2013 Virtual RISC Meeting:

January 16-17, 2013 RISC meeting:

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