Region VII: Long-Term Community Recovery Efforts

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Joplin residents discuss the recovery of their community after the devastating tornado of 2011.Joplin, Mo., July 12, 2011 -- Kim Cox, center, of the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team, speaks with community residents during a meeting about the recovery of the City of Joplin in the wake of the devastating tornado. Attendees posted comments on six information boards (housing, neighborhoods, environment and infrastructure, economic development, schools and community facilities, and sustainability and community vision). The meeting facilitated discussion about issues, assets and opportunities. FEMA photo Steve CastanerThe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operates a number of programs and initiatives following a disaster. As part of The National Disaster Recovery Framework, FEMA offers coordination and recovery planning support to communities, state and tribes that sustain catastrophic disaster impacts. Successful recovery recognizes that everybody has a role to play. This approach, referred to as "whole community," engages local, state, tribal and federal governments, private businesses, voluntary organizations and citizens in the recovery process.

To support this comprehensive community approach, FEMA Region VII Long-Term Community Recovery (LTCR) developed four tools to help communities navigate more effectively through the complex recovery process. The tools are used throughout the recovery process to provide focus and promote collaboration in the community.

The tools address typical recovery needs: decision-making, project development, communication and resource identification. The tools can be utilized pre-disaster to build partnerships across the whole community and identify resources before a major crisis occurs.   

Learn more about the Region VII LTCR Toolbox and the valuable informational tools they provide.





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