Region 6 Types of Mitigation Applications

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Three categories for types of applications:

  • Initiative
  • Planning
  • Regular


To be eligible for the Initiative, activities must:

  • Comply with all applicable Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) eligibility criteria as well as with Federal, State, Tribal and local laws and ordinances;
  • Be consistent with the goals and objectives of the State or Tribal (Standard of Enhanced) and local Hazard Mitigation Plans; and
  • Be submitted for review with a narrative that indicates that there is a reasonable expectation that future damage or loss of life or injury will be reduced or prevented by the activity.

Examples of activities that might be considered under the Initiative include:

  • Equipment and systems for the purpose of warning citizens of impending hazards;
  • Purchase of generators or related equipment, such as generator hook-ups;
  • Hazard identification or mapping and related equipment for the implementation of mitigation activities;
  • Public awareness or education campaigns about mitigation;


  • Planning: A mitigation planning sub-grant award must result in a mitigation plan adopted by the jurisdiction(s) and approved by FEMA prior to the end of the Period of Performance (POP).


  • Regular applications: Comply with all applicable HMGP eligibility criteria as well as with Federal, State, Tribal and local laws and ordinances;

Examples of Regular applications:

  • Property Acquisition and Structure Demolition
  • Structure Elevation
  • Structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings
  • Safe Room
  • Non-structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings and Facilities: Non-structural retrofits may include bracing of building contents to prevent earthquake damage or the elevation of heating and ventilation systems.

A storm warning siren in Greensburg, Kansas
Examples of Previous funded applications:

• Safe rooms- Regular application
• Acquisition/ Relocation- Regular application
• Elevation of Structures- Regular application
• Water retention - Regular application
• Culverts- Regular application
• Warning systems- Initiative applications
• Drainage improvements- Regular application
• Hazard Mitigation Plans- planning applications
• NOAA Radios- Initiative applications

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