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How to apply for HMGP funds?

Following a disaster declaration, the State will advertise to local jurisdictions, Private Non-Profit (PNPs) and Tribes that HMGP funding is available to fund mitigation projects in the State. Those interested in applying to the HMGP should contact their local government to begin the application process.

Local governments should contact their State Hazard Mitigation Officer

*Tribal government in grantee status, contact FEMA Regional Office

Who's eligible?

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding is available, when authorized under Presidential major disaster declaration, in the area of the state requested by the Governor.

Community tornado shelter in Newcastle Oklahoma
Eligible applicants are:

• State and local governments
• Indian Tribes or other tribal organizations
• Certain non-profit organizations

Individual homeowners and businesses may not apply directly to the program; however a community may apply on their behalf.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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