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This section of the site contains information on FEMA Region 4's Mission Support Division structure, mission, background, leadership and contact information.

Graphic showing the different sections of the Mission Support Division and how they support the other regional divisions

Elton "Andy" Newton, Acting Mission Support Director


Mission Support provides all essential administrative, financial, information technology (IT) and acquisition support including employee development. The Division provides security, conducts investigations, national security program support, facility, safety, mailroom management and accountable property services to the Region to ensure FEMA’s mission of outstanding service to disaster survivors is achieved in the most rapid, effective and efficient manner possible.


The Administrative Services Branch

Elton (Andy) Newton, Administrative Services Branch Chief

The Administrative Services Branch manages budget and fiscal requirements, along with personnel, payroll processing and travel management programs. The branch also manages the Disaster Assistance Employee (DAE) program, the Automated Deployment Database (ADD) and other administrative services to the region and Joint Filed offices.

Information Technology Branch  

Jeffrey Hill, Information Technology Services Branch Chief

The Information Technology Services Branch provides Communications, Information Technology Services, Systems Administration, Systems Development and Accreditation, site support and field support for Joint Field Office operations and end users support for the regional office staff as needed.  


Support Services Section   

Anthony Perales, Supervisory Invetigator

The Support Services Section provides comprehensive and timely support of a broad array of services including regional facilities management, national security program support, supplies, safety, security, record and mail management. The section also coordinates with the Office of the Inspector General and assists or conducts investigations as assigned by HQ to include responding to infractions involving FEMA employees, assets or interests. The Support Services Section fosters a cooperative envorinment with law enforcement or investigative authorities to improve their investigations.


Contracting Operaion Section     

Annette Wright, Supervisory Contract Specialist

Contracting and Acquisition are responsible for purchasing goods and services in support of the regional and disaster operations for the Southeastern territory.


Mission Support Key Contacts:  

Kelvin (Kelly) Kelkenberg, Director - 770.22.5454

Elton (Andy) Newton,  - Administrative Services Branch Chief - 770.220.5558

Jeffrey Hill, Information Technology Services Branch Chief - 770.220.5257

Anthony Perales, Supervisory Investigator - 770-220-3111

Annette R Wright, Supervisory Contract Specialist -  770.220.5663


General Note for Region IV   

Known violations of law or suspected employee misconduct which might threaten the integrity or professionalism of FEMA to the DHS OIG HOTLINE or the OCSO Tipline.   

Internal Security and Investigation Branch maintains and responds to all allegations reported to the OCSO Tipline

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